Austin Coleman Pleads "Let Me Down Gently"


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Big vocals for a big sky address the ears in Austin Coleman's "Let Me Down Gently".

A heavy heart laid bare turns tears to tones...

"Another season in my short-term memory."

An empty porch rests; damp and chill. Your smoke wafts out around the trees.

You're stationary. Your life is too. Immobilized with burdens that can't be weighed...

The day is done. The moths are spinning. You lean in towards the candle.


"...It's the changing of my fears."

Strumming and humming break off at a steady pace in "Let Me Down Gently", sauntering alongside plaintive vocals into an enlarged chorus. The classic guitar and violin pairing work well in such an emotional tune.

All heart, Austin reminisces and ruminates on life's losses and lingering changes. All the while, much like time, the song progresses; smooth, thoughtful and lost unto itself.

The lyrics in "Let Me Down Gently" are its strongest draw. A poetically grounded approach to story telling in the vein of an inner monologue. Coleman questions life. Life shrugs its shoulders.

Country music aficionados will appreciate every second of this song. Non-country fans will enjoy it too. Go ahead and listen.

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