Atome's "Les Beaux Jours" Will Make You Wish You Spoke French

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Atome dip into a pool of chill chiming vibes in new tune "Les Beaux Jours," melting mind over melody like ice cubes in a lake, crystal clear.

This song shows us a slow-tempo take on trip hop that's both the essence of the genre and a brief divergence from it.

Thoughts through crystal...

Memory masked by dusty glass... Stained in rose tones, tainted...

You can't preserve a moment passed.


Synthesized pop tones trickle in drips and drops over a remarkably cool mix in "Les Beaux Jours".

There's fluid motility in every moment of this track. Kicks casually keep time under oscillating guitar notes and computerized blips. A warm, fuzzy pad of synthesized violin strings stretches from ear to ear above us, while bass sounds boom and recoil underfoot.


With a head full of rusty French, it's tough to interpret much more than the title of this tune too accurately. Even without speaking the language, an overwhelming feel of nostalgia overtakes you in "The Good Days". Evident is a stark sense of time, lost, and time yet to gain. Dynamic shifts show us the depths of despair for cherished memories in fading and the heights of hope for the future as well.

This is an easy track to 'get,' regardless of your stylistic standing. A touch of smooth sentimentality sets it apart from the pack. Press play and kick back.

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