Astounded by Devin Townsend Project's "Kingdom"



Kingdom came, and it was pretty much amazing.

Devin Townsend truly outdid himself with this incredibly epic piece of music.

I've come undone...

Hard not to come undone with something like this ripping through your speakers. It'd be more surprising if your clothes weren't ripped off your body by such an occurrence.


What were we talking about again?

This song sounds like our ascension into Heaven will sound; triumphant, harrowing, a little demented really...

Lord, play with me

Devin's always been a whimsical one, but he goes easy on the jokes in this song. It's more transcendental than humorous.

Heavy-hitting, deliberately devastating and uber loud, "Kingdom" is a literal blast from the past you'd do best to listen to this instant.

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