The ArtsyFartsy Column #1 - Tiffany and the Hiver

I spend quite a lot of time obsessively analyzing my own art. Too much time.

I thought it'd be a good idea to use the Internet as a means of cutting down on analysis time and maximizing the amount of actual art I produce.

Today, I've chosen to briefly discuss my drawing, "Tiffany and the Hiver."

So, this drawing was initially inspired by a book I'd recently finished reading. "A Hatful of Sky" by Terry Pratchett.

My reasons for loving this book are varied, but its comedic value ranks supreme among them. The race of fairies called the 'Nac Mac Feegle' are quite literally some of the funniest characters I've had the opportunity to enjoy. Their antics know no bounds and their Scottish humor had me laughing out loud over and over.

The scene I chose to depict has little to do with the Nac Mac Feegle though. It's all about the main character Tiffany, just as she's about to make the gravest mistake of her life - leaving her body in the presence of a 'Hiver.'

Hiver's are dangerous and elusive. They are not quite alive or dead, but a collection of memories from all the minds they've invaded. This one quickly seized its opportunity to take over Tiffany's mind - possessing her and bringing out the worst in her personality in its pursuit of power.

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