Artist Interviews #6 - Singular Sound - My Eclectic Self


Stephen Willis (@myeclecticself) is the mystery-man behind the curtain of "My Eclectic Self;" the moniker he's given his musical, creative side.

Distilling elements from a diverse body of influences has allowed him to craft powerful tunes fit for the pop-inclined, yet discerning music aficionados of the world.

The music of "My Eclectic Self" demonstrates the enormous appeal of deep, meaningful lyrics and thoughtful compositions. His stunning single, "Armor," proves his ability as a composer and showcases the emotive boundaries of his voice.

His work pulls us into a world of unabashed honesty - tucking us in to a bed of memories and feelings too tasking to describe.

As if all this weren't enough, he has also brought the inspiring "Uprising Review" literary magazine (@uprisingstories) to life.

This novel publication holds at its core a mission of expressive liberty amongst writers - encouraging the creation of high-quality exposés from whatever perspective said writers find closest to heart. It's easy to pick up on the trend Stephen's diverse projects are setting: freedom of expression and fearless creativity.

Here, in this short interview, we learn a bit about Stephen's perspective and plans for "My Eclectic Self."

How long have you been making music?

I've been making music for nearly all my life.

I used to write songs in first and second grade and would sing them for my class.

It was in my Junior year of high school when I started "My Eclectic Self," which I have now been writing and performing for on occasion ever since.

What instruments do you play?

I play the guitar and mandolin. I can also play the drums and piano but I don't put as much effort into either. Most of my music training has been in vocal performance.

I have been singing in choirs throughout high school and college. I currently sing in a professional choir in Arizona called the Cantilena Chorale.

Have you been on tour/do you plan to?

I've kept my performances close to home at this point.

I love traveling and would love to go on tour, but I've seen too many musicians try going on tour too soon and watched them struggle to make it work.

If and when I do it, I will tour with solid funding and a marketing strategy to set myself up for success as best as I can.

What advice could you offer budding musicians?

My advice to young musicians is to keep working at it. Focus on performance too.

When you see someone with a great stage presence, it doesn't matter if they play with a band, full orchestra, or just themselves and a guitar, they always capture the audience.

That's what every musician should shoot for.

Who are your 3 favorite artists and what about them appeals to you?

I chose the name My Eclectic Self because I like lots of different types of music. Right now, I'm getting ready to learn Japanese and am listening to lots of Babymetal.

I also love Passenger and NeedtoBreathe, so I have to choose three. I just like people who write good music.

Deepest thanks to you Stephen! As for you readers, check out the official site of "My Eclectic Self" here, tune in for loads of awesome new music and stay odd forever!


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