Artist Interviews #2 - Musical Programming - Trickjazz


Music forms the underlying tapestry of our lives.

It weaves an intricate pattern of thoughts, concepts, emotions and ideals into our daily habits - helping to shape our very perceptions of existence.

There are plenty of situations in which the right music can impact the mind in a positive way, and Christian Facey (a.k.a. Trickjazz) has identified a killer one to take advantage of; gaming time!

Through his unique creation, the "Trickjazz Chillout Series," he aims to put gamers and music lovers in direct contact with great, jazzy hip hop.

In this artist interview, we gain insight into his creative mind and the positive plans he has for his up-and-coming game series.

Here's what he had to say:

What inspired you to create this game?

Main inspiration for this project was incorporating my love of music and love of gaming into one project.

Regarding the artwork/ graphics, there is heavy inspiration from Jdilla and nujabes.

In terms of music discovery, as a digital consultant I'm constantly aware of digital trends, and knew the growth of mobile gaming. However the idea didn't click until I started working on the gaming series.

I wanted to design a couple of games, but also incorporate something innovative. I also wanted an excuse to work with my favourite artists!

A constant theme when reading Youtube comments/ fb comments, etc. when listening to artists such as Vanilla or even legends such as nujabes and J dilla is: “Why isn’t this music more popular?” and I agreed with the sentiment.

Then it clicked. Mobile gaming is growing, and I rarely see niche music in mobile games.

3 main inspirations post thinking of the idea:

-The realised market gap of incorporating music discovery into a growth area ( mobile) gaming )-Lack of competing apps within the jazzy hip hop/ chill out music niche -Pitching this idea first to a couple of my favourite, and much larger, music producers, vanilla and flofilz, and getting support.

Who do you want this game's target audience to be?

The target audience: lovers of jazzy hip hop / chill out music and casual gamers. 'Casual' being the keyword. We don’t expect our prime audience to be hardcore FPS players (at least coupled with this genre of music!)

What are your plans for the game's future development?

If the Kickstarter is successful the games will be launched bigger and better with more music! We have a very long pipeline of game ideas. The studio will split. One part developing more games (and game updates) incorporating more music genres.

Regarding what the other half of the studio is doing, we can’t expand on it too much. However, there is a good hint in our Kickstarter video!

All I will say, is that if the Kickstarter campaign is successful, it will act as a signal to something incredible and many more influential figures will become involved!

Good luck with this awesome project, Christian! And thanks, readers, for tuning in. Stay odd!


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