The Art of Aubrey Beardsley



Aubrey Beardsley, an artist involved in the aesthetic movement, helped to popularize art nouveau with his own unique slant on the style.

"All humanity inspires me … I really draw folk as I see them. Surely it is not my fault that they fall into certain lines and angles." - Aubrey Vincent Beardsley

Beardsley's art was devious, mischievous and filled with erotic symbolism. His life was cut tragically short and he lived only to the age of 25, but his work carries his vision loyally.

His style was highly influenced by that of Japanese artists and his own eccentricities. He dressed himself meticulously, overtly aimed at producing grotesque art and associated with the homosexual culture of his time, though there are doubts that he himself was actually homosexual.

“There is no must in art because art is free.” - Wassily Kandinsky

His art is indeed grotesque, yet skillfully wrought in ink.

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