Armonite's "Freaks" is Freaky Fantastic

Odd Nugget Social-done

Armonite, armed with instruments and imagination, set about telling a tale in a tune with no words.

"Freaks" folds cold strings over warm synths and soothingly unsettling sounds, telling a story you can't help but become a part of.

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A trail through the trees... You count leaves and linger.

Two steps turn to ten and twenty in turn.

A forest unseen at the moment you entered...

Enveloped, you're lost and may never return.


Trilling cricket tremolo probes the open air and wet waves of synthetic sound weave in and around a faltering rhythm in "Freaks".

A wavering whistle whets your appetite for the eerie as the song grows stronger. In no time, a chorus has struck, spouting sharp notes and jaunty drumming like a dying storm. If this song were a TV show, it'd be Over the Garden Wall.

All in all, it's the interplay of all the song's elements that make it marvelous. You really can see the story unfolding when you shut your eyes.

An apparition plays piano for a whistling wanderer, the wanderer walks past a floating pair of violins and their song subsequently drowns in a thick pool of electric sound. It's eerie, spellbinding stuff.

"Freaks" contains a multitude of stories told in parallel; each one is unique to the listener. Listen and let yours play out.

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