ARM IN ARM's "Nightfly" Will Nullify Your Mind

Odd Nugget Social-done

Nox and nuanced notes unite in ARM IN ARM's hot-steppin' new track "Nightfly".

Deep, dark melody and more make this track a real treat.

Holding onto all you know...

An arm, a hand in yours is slipping.

Slipping to a chasm deep...

Her fading will is not yours to keep.

"I can't stop... I don't want to..."

Warm, groaning groove dives deep into bass, holding fast to a house beat throughout "Nightfly". ARM IN ARM let the song's choruses fly in on wings of dark, synthesized matter; musical, maybe malevolent.

Two voices sing a soft, almost tinny tune over top a throbbing mass of bass, one immediately present, the other distant and airy. Listless, they long for a love unnatural and a night unending.


The mix sounds vibrant, vibrating in a sonic hollow as black as pitch. Sawtooth and sine waves soften senses in a relentless stream, breaking down around the beat and making mincemeat of the mind.

"Nightfly" is deep, dark electro magic, packaged up in house trappings. Fall in and forget with a listen.

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