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Ice cream truck driver is the only profession where's its socially acceptable to drive to neighborhoods and lure children.


Truck driver stories like the ones below could be tall tales or totally true. Take a look...

My Beloved Monster: A Tale of Mechanical Horror

"Set a beggar on horseback and he'll ride straight to the devil." Those were the last words Cuzzin Jimbo said to me before I climbed into Frankenstein, my first vehicle, and embarked on the ride of my life.

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Mysterious truck driver

Hey there, this is my first time ever posting on here. Im really bad at writing and grammar so please bare with me! Lol

So a few years ago me and my family were on route to go camping in upstate NY. Me and my aunt were sitting all the way in the back 3rd row of the van. About 3 hours in, we were bored out of our minds pointing out random things passing by. There was a truck in front of us that had a picture of a chocolate lab plastered on the back of it. So I pointed at it saying heyy, that looks like Mikey (my dog). Once I pointed it out the picture of the dog completely disappeared then reappeared again. Me and my aunt look at each other in shock and ask each other if we saw what we thought we saw. So the truck moves over to the right lane and our window meets up to the truck drivers window. My aunt looks up at the driver and he looks down at her, puts his finger over his mouth to make the shhh gesture while driving away.. we freaked the f out all the way to our campsite and still have yet to find any explanations.

Anybody else have a weird experience like this? I havent been able to find anything similar on Reddit and would love to know!!

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When those children went missing I was the 1st suspect being a transport truck driver and good thing they never found them

Turns out drugs aren't the only thing you can hide in those big truck tires

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All of Me

Storie Sovany is used to being dismissed as the fat friend, until she moves from New York City to rural Ohio for college and the charming frat boy Liam Alexander approaches her.

Torn between disbelief and flattery, Storie hopes her luck may have finally changed - but is it too good to be true?

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Frank the truck driver

i knew nothing of ouija boards prior to the experience i had last october. me and my cousins were hanging out and we constructed a paper ouija board with the planchette or whatever its called being a piece of tape, taped to another piece of tape so it wasnt sticky to hold.

we sat in my basement with dimmed lights and messed around with the board.

wed had an obnoxious amount of paranormal experiences in my house before, but i wasnt really bothered by any of the experiences other than a few.

regardless, a few minutes in the spirit introduces himself as Frank he was a middle aged guy who explained he died in a truck accident and missed being human.

we were kinda not believing it so i asked the ghost if they can name one of my dead relatives, (knowing that my cousins would not know the name of this person i assumed nothing would happen). 3 seconds later the board starts spelling out my dead grandmothers name. everyone got a little more serious after that point but we still where #$@$ing around with the board.

at some point we asked the spirit something we werent supposed to according to the rules i looked up online later in the night. but after that question we hear 2 loud bangs on my glass sliding door. we frantically run to the door to find no one there. we put the board away for the night.

Posted on Reddit by screamingwomen.

I flipped off the truck drivers for yelling 'hey lady' at me.

It wasn't until a black gloved-hand grabbed me from behind that I realized I wasn't being cat called.

Posted on Reddit by BL4CK_G0LD.

As a truck driver I was always worried about finding a body and today I did.

This is not where I left her.

Posted on Reddit by Bmg456.

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