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You never threw away a McDonalds toy, it just somehow disappeared.

With that in mind...

It's okay if the weird toys stories below freak you out! I'm pretty sure that's what they're supposed to do...

Sexual positions

I put this in paranormal because my experiences are out of this world

Sexual positions on Wattpad

Music spilled through the room as my toddler tugged on the cord of his new musical toy.

It wasnt until the other toys started to mimic the offbeat tune that I realized how objectively creepy it sounds.

Posted on Reddit by WereAllGonnaDiet.

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"I found a toy gun in daddy's closet, but there's something stuck inside the barrel, see?"


Posted on Reddit by ASealAndARaven.


During the night It's alright For the rag dolls to come to life

Stitches on Wattpad

My brother and I found a strange toy gun that just emitted a light when I pointed it at a tree and pulled the trigger.

I then shot my brother with the light just before the tree exploded into ashes and our faces turned from laughter to fear.

Posted on Reddit by strik3r2k8.

After a long time, I moved my bed and find all the things that my cats had hide in there, including cat toys, hair ties...

And the body of my missing neighbor

Posted on Reddit by vaa_10.

Wicked Wonderland

This is not a creepypasta fanfic [ORIGINALLY CALLED TOY MAKER] A toy shop filled with wonders for many people young and old, with a good business apparently the shop is unexpectedly shut down for good and left abandoned.

The question still remains, why? years later, a myth that is said that the person that ran the shop, a name unknown but was sooner later called the Toy Maker.

Selena Halington year girl who just moved to Ohio, Athens.

due to the death of her parents in a tragic murder she was sent to her aunts house to avoid being send to a orphanage and foster care is now facing the paranormal wicked Wonderland and something beyond that could have some kind of possible relationship and yet a curse with her family....

Wicked Wonderland on Wattpad

"Quick, while your little brother isn't looking", mommy said, handing me the toy gun with a mischievous glint in her eye.

It was only after the loud bang and explosion of red and brain matter in front of me that I realized just how much she regretted having a second child.

Posted on Reddit by _SpiderQueen_.

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