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So, you're ready to read some weird small town stories, huh? Well, they're all laid out below...

Strange things in a stranger small town

The title says it all.

Samantha, Ben, Jim, Jessie, Rosie and Timmy are brought together under odd circumstances, to form a team to keep their town safe from the monsters within.

Some of these monsters are good, but most are bad.

It may sound shallow, like an action flick, but each character has a back story, each character is unique and beautiful in their own way.

I hope to make this into a series.

Please comment which character is your favorite.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy.

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Last week we received awful news that our small town priest was battling HIV.

This morning's service was interrupted by the CDC and local police bursting in and confiscating the jug containing the blood of Christ.

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The only store in my small town was fresh out of bleach.

Hopefully I dont talk myself out of it again by the time they restock.

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out of sight

out of sight out of mind.

some people like to skip school once or twice a month.

but the new kid goes missing for days, and no one seems to notice or care.

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"Just a small-town girl livin' in a lonely world..."

After everyone at the karaoke bar voted it as their top song they would be happy to hear played for the rest of their lives, I happily obliged with one quick rendition and a sly smile.

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After I relocated to a small town in Maryland, I kind of joined the Stay-at-Home Moms community.

Kind of, because they dont know that Im occasionally staying in their homes, but boy are they gonna get suspicious after tonight.

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Falling Down Woodwir Way

Charlie Wright is feeling lost.

He suspects his best friend is cheating, his home life is not great, and he has always felt like an outcast.

On his 20th birthday, Charlie decides to run away.

He tries to exit the town through the old, supposedly haunted forest "Woodwir Way" A storm begins, and Charlie falls more than 20 feet down a small cliff in the Woodwir.

When he returns to his town, only to find it is not the same.

It is 20 years in the future.

Charlie must face his family, and friends who thought he went missing 20 years ago, while also discovering the mystery behind Woodwir Way

Falling Down Woodwir Way on Wattpad

Possible encounter as a child growing up in a small town in Indiana

This is my first post on this subreddit. I'm new to reddit, but this is one of the first subs I subscribed to. I enjoy reading the stories and comments, and I especially appreciate the people that enage with the poster and actually try to help explain the experience rather than belittle and dismiss what has been said. Anyway, let me get to the story.

Just a disclaimer; I don't necessarily believe in the supernatural. I am very scientifically minded and, despite having had many unexplainable expiriences, I am not one to jump to ghosts or monsters, etc. That being said, when there is something that I cannot explain, I would rather respond with 'I don't know the answer at this time, but I would like to know more'. Just letting you all know I am open to any and all ideasexplanations.

This story takes place in a small town in Indiana. I grew up there, but now live in the state of New Mexico. I have had quite a few experiences in Indiana (and never anything while living in NM). I was also fairly young when all of this took place. To give a bit of backstory; I was about eight years old at the time ( so the time period was around 2007). My parents are divorced. My mom lived in NM with my little brother, and I lived in Indiana with my father. At this point in his life, my dad drank often, and he would usually get angry andor violent when alcohol was involved. He never hit me or anything like that, but there were bouts of verbal abuse directed at me, my 'step sister', and my dad's girlfriend (there were a couple instances when their alcohol fueled fights got physical as well). The point of mentioning this is that I was already under stress. I was young, and this most likely affected me mentally.

During this time, we had recently moved to a new house on main street. This town was very old. It was a booming city in the early 1900s, thriving of of coal and natural gas production. However, nowadays, now that those resources are all dried up, this town of a population of around 10,000 is barely surviving off of one company that employs a majority of the towns able-bodied population. The house we moved into was 200 years old. It was a huge house, and even at that age I remember wondering how my dad was able to afford it given that we were generally pretty poor. It was two stories, and had a huge backyard (even had a pond in the back which seemed strange for a place on main street). I mention that this house was old, because very little work had been done to it over the years, and the house creaked with the old bones it very noticeably had.

One saturday night I ended up finding myself home alone. My dad was in a garage band, and every saturday he and his girlfriend would leave at around 6 pm and stay out playing and drinking until very early into the morning. On this particular night, my step sister just so happened to be staying the night at a friend's house. Therefore, the only living things in that house from around 6 pm to 3 or 4am were myself and our house cat. I remember being in the living room watching cartoons on cartoonnetwork ( I was watching a new show called the Misadventures of Flapjack. I loved it) as I usually did. I was already creeped out by the house, and cartoons made me feel better. However, I think around maybe 8:30 or 9 (whenever CN turns into adult swim) I decided it was time to go to bed. As I was reaching for the remote to turn off the TV, I remember hearing very audible footsteps coming down the stairs. I remember it spooking me, but I wasn't incredibly terrified because strange things happened to me all the time in that house. I looked down to my left to see the cat sitting on the couch with me, therefore I knew that it wasn't him walkign down the old, noisy stairs mimicing the sound of human footsteps. Although, I wasn't frightened, it was enough to make me stay up and watch some shows on adultswim. About an hour later, I was finally tired enough to force myself upstairs to my room. My bedroom was a square. On the wall opposite of the door, there was a window in the center of the wall, and I had a TV on a dresser to the right of it. My bed was center on the right wall perpendicular to the wall with the window. Opposite of the bed wall on the left was a closet, and to the right of that closet was a green love seat. Now, this cloest was very old. The door knob must have been broken, because the door was incapable of remaining closed. To make things worse, in the very back of the closet, directly facing my bed, was a crawlspace. This crawlspace had a piece of styrofoam over it taped only on the bottom, so when the heat or AC came on it would cause the styrofoam piece to flap down. I never removed it because I feared entering that closet for some reason. Anyway, because the closet door was always open, and because of the position of my bed, I was almost always constantly staring at this dark hole at the back of my closet. Usually it didn't bother me, but this night inparticular, being home alone, it did. I decided I would combat this by closing the cloest door and pushing the green loveseat in front of it so that it couldn't swing open. I went to sleep. That night, I had (what I think was) a dream. I remember having this slightly out of body experience. It was like my eyes were positioned right above my head, and I was looking down at my body while a female hand slowly (and calmly) made it's way down the left side of my torso. I woke up in the morning to something that should have been terrifying, and I mean, I was scared, but I feel like if this had happened te me now I would have reacted far worse (I think I was in a bad place mentally at the time). My sheets and blanket were competely ripped off of my bed and balled up in a pile on the floor a ood distance away from me. The green loveseat had been moved out from in front of the closet, and now was crookedly placed on the right side of the room (as if someone had grabbed the left side and just swung their arms as hard as possible). the cloest door was wide open and the styrofoam piece on the crawlspace had been ripped off. Now, I remember having noticed a pain on the left side of my body, but I never inspected it or gave it any thought because I was obviously more concerned about the state of my room. Later that day I finally loked at it because I started to notice a stinging feeling. I looked down and was very confused. There were three distinct scratches down the left side of my torso (and at that moment I had rememebered the dream I had).

I decided to hide this story from my dad and I've actually never told him any of the exierences I've had. However, his grifriend recently told me about experiences he had, and how they atrributed to us eventually moving from that house. I have a few theories about what may have happened to me in that house. I don't want to say it was ghosts (although my dad's girlfriend was very superstitous and found out some very odd things about the property) but I also don't want to dismiss that idea. I'm open to any and all criticism and thoughts. I more or less just want to what other people think may have been going on. My own personal theory is that maybe at that time due my young age I may have been suffering mentally from everything going on in my life. I didn't have it that bad, but I wasn't happy there.

I apologize for this post being so long. I doubt many will read this, but I appreciate those who do and elect to discuss with me. If this does well, I have some other stories about that house that you may or may not enjoy. Thank you for your time!

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