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From Tom Clancy's 'Ghost Recon' shooters to the litany of ghost movies marauding theaters near you each and every Halloween, it would seem almost everyone shares a fascination with spirits long expired.

Ghosts are an eternal fixture in culture, both popular and otherwise, but why?

Is it a longing for loved ones long gone or an eerie sense of superstitious paranoia?

Whatever the reason may be, ghosts and ghost stories abound, especially around this time of year.

Here are a few to keep you up for the night...

Oh, and have a happy Halloween, you weenies!

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Short ghost experience with my late cat

A few days ago my 14 year old cat died, i encountered her under the stairs limp on the floor. I put her on a cozy blanket and knew that she was in the dying process, eventually i sat next to her on the cough and i couldn’t do anything but wait for her to pass. The exact moment before she passed i saw a fully black cat walk into the kitchen which was the same size and had the same posture which disappeared around the table, the moment i saw that i heard her take her last breath and she was gone.

Did i see her soul leaving the body?

Posted on Reddit by InThana.

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Rough Love

Its hard to love the right person.

Nora Clan has always thought she was a weird girl. Between trying to be normal and getting picked on by school bullies things haven't been all that perfect. It only gets even more weird when she falls in love with the one who bullies her the most.

Dan crook is the meanest bad boy in the school. The most heartless and ruthless bully of all the kids at Elliton high. He cares for no one and doesn't play any games. So why is Nora falling so hard for someone she knows wont love her back. Someone who constantly glares down at her with resentment.

Dan crook is one of those bad boys you don't want to mess with. His anger always gets the best of him and he barely trust anyone. Especially females. Born with the power to see ghost because of his ancestry he has to go around helping them past on. So what will he do when he has to help the one person he despises the most. The one person he dare not want to be close to again.

Rough Love on Wattpad

Loads of Wattpad stories wax on about sexy werewolves, but the one above gives us a break with a bit of ghastly charm.

Is it weird that everyone starts off afraid of ghosts and such as kids only to want to make out with them as adults? :)

I followed a ghost

This happened 15 years ago, when I was 15 years old, and still gives me the creeps. I’ve experienced a few questionable paranormal moments in my life, however this is the only true ghost sighting that I am confident in saying I have ever experienced.

So my mom’s cousin had just passed away pretty young from a terrible disease, and my family was gathered for the funeral. My mom and I came from out of state and stayed at my grandfather’s house.

The evening after the funeral, I was getting ready for bed and looking for my grandfather to say goodnight to him. I’m standing in the landing outside of the den and see out of the corner of my eye that he exited his bedroom and is walking down the hall toward the kitchen. All lights are off except in the den where my grandmother is watching tv. I head toward the hall and turn right to follow him. As I turn to follow him, I see him turn off into the garage / bathroom / laundry room area.

As I make the turn, it’s completely dark and I get an eerie feeling. I said “grandpa?” no answer. I stick my hand into the half bathroom to turn on the light and see no one there. Chills run through me and I run back to the den! I asked my grandma where my grandfather is and she says he’s in their bedroom. I walk to their bedroom and find my grandfather coming out of their master bath. I say goodnight and run upstairs and tell my mom what just happened. She said it was probably her cousin’s spirit.

I will never forget that experience and the way it made me feel.

Posted on Reddit by lemonpee.

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