ArcM Makes a Point of Pointing Out "She Ain't you"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Hard industrial groove grinds into great vocals in ArcM's new tune "She Ain't You".

A bouncy beat and ArcM's voice mingle as mingling synths mangle the senses.

She's a neon light.

You're a dreamer; lucid.

Effervescent... She's blinding.

Blinded, paralyzed... You just might lose it.

Odd Nugget Soc-done

"She is the definition of a clear, blue sky..."

"She Ain't You" is dark and deceptively deep, dripping with dangerous delight. It's tension - tuned tension taken by wind. On fire with energy, it's all sizzle and pop.

Strong electro tones tiptoe and stomp, like poltergeists, to and fro in this tune. Nice. Sharp waves wash brutal crunch over your ears, alluding to a rock sound with pure electronic grit and gravity.


ArcM's lyrics lay out a scene, verbose as prose and praising his muse. He'd choose her over and over again over another. Disbelief, adulation, obsequious obsession... It's a spirited stream of consciousness put to tune.

You'll have to tune in to this track to take it all in. Press play and begin.

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