ArcM Gives Us One More "Chance"

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ArcM manages to mystify us with yet another masterpiece in "Chance".

This time a slower-paced ballad, ArcM's take on alt. pop pushes boundaries in the best of directions.

Nothing can ever compare to...

A dance in the open air.

A dance of the heart, hand in hand...

And now, how could you ever part?

"Let me change before your eyes..."

Voice and choir come in with smoky synths in "Chance," chancing a minimal take on transformative composition.

Imogen Heap influence feels evident in this tune, shading silhouettes of sound in curve and chorus; not unlike the track's lovely animated video. Elegance traipses the aisle, supplying simple twists in tempo, timing and syncopation to separate this tune from the rest.


ArcM steps into new shoes for this song. His delivery is far less verbose. He trades percussive phonetics for consistency here, creating a dream and vision of love, whistling over wide open terrain. Can love catch wind and soar?

Even without having heard ArcM's other tracks we've covered here on Odd Nugget, this one will leave you wanting more. It's warm, vibrant and calming enough to turn on and leave on. Let it play.

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