ArcM Digitizes Our Surroundings With "No Animation"

Odd Nugget Social-done

More moody pop magic from ArcM, this new tune "No Animation" takes his singular digitized sound far further than before.

Ricocheting sonic signals shatter at our periphery as ArcM discharges trippy techno pop poetry.

Your conduct's encoded... It's society's problem.

Your confidence eroded, you make for the door. There's more to well-being, unseen from the outside.

A mask can't betray what hides at your core.


"Had enough... There's no animation..."

Pulse of a bass, angst of a phrase, splice of a beat and deep groove for days... "No Animation" is an infectiously animated track, despite the name.

ArcM builds on his style with a barrage of fractured beats pieced together - footing for an ambling arrangement of high-spectrum bleeps and bloops. Pads and lead synths surge and disconnect in the midsection, splitting air instantaneously and igniting electrons along the way.


Verses dull and glitch under ArcM's voice. Vocal resignation and ethereal indignation color the track lyrics an ear-catching chrome. ArcM homes in on the heart at each hard-hitting chorus.

This is pop in full power. "No Animation" exudes excitement but comes tempered with ample restraint. Press play. You'll have no complaints.

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