Archy Stranger's "Last Week" is a Backrub for Your Brain

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Tingly indie pop ignites the mind in Archy Stranger's latest release, "Last Week".

"Last Week" sounds like a thought caught somewhere beyond time.

How lonely can you get?

You're going for the record.

Hollow in the heart; still beating. Bleeding...

Thoughts are things... You think of her.

Last Week Artwork-done

"This feels like a bad dream."

Contemplative in approach and electro in energy, "Last Week" snags at the ears with subtlety and style. Archy Stranger's sound in this song is a great many things. Inviting, elegant, warm and meditative in state.

Psychedelic sound trickery trickles warm fuzzy synth over the periphery, pensive and spacious, as trippy echoing mountain-calls and ephemeral phantom voices voice wordless concerns in the wind.


All the while, a sharp, clicky beat cracks ground in the song's sound, shifting sonic sand to a shuffle.

Lyrics allude to seasonal change, change of mind, mind over matter. That nothing lasts, "Last Week's" message makes out. That nothing lasts...

This song is exactly what you need in your life, ok? That's a serious statement. Have a serious listen.

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