Archon is an Invisible Wireless Charger

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This special charger is capable of delivering energy to your devices through thick surfaces of all types.

It even works through 5-inch-thick solid steel. OK, maybe not that.

Quick, imagine a wireless world of wonders; wireless wonders.

Imagine slapping your phone on the counter like a domino and its cracked screen indicating it's charging with a little electric current signal. Imagine that same phone isn't charging at all because you slapped it hard on a marble counter.

Welcome to the future, baby.


"...We’re telling you to clear off your space and throw out your wires. This is the future of charging. And it's invisible."

Archon purports to be the 'future of charging'. A simple device designed to stick to the underside of desks and counters, this thing charges any phone you place on top of it (that can be wirelessly charged, of course).

It can send sweet charging waves through wood, plastic, glass, quartz and granite. Sorry steel junkies, this is not for you.


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