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A 1st person video game recreating the earth full size would be more impressive than a space game with multiple planets the size of earth.

Speaking of that...

You probably won't want to miss these space strategy games. If you have time to spare, then try these out!

ITRP Volatile Vertex

ITRP  Volatile Vertex video game Developed by Unhexigion and published by Unhexigion

Developed by Unhexigion and published by Unhexigion

Welcome to the test complex, fitted with a state-of-the-art system of redistribution of active forces.

Your participation in this test is crucial.

Use your brain and be ready to blow your mind!

ITRP Volatile Vertex is a small, short, free puzzle platformer about changing gravity.

You are inside a huge cubic room filled with different structures.

On one side of it you see a big gate leading to freedom.

You need to find a way to get to them, open them and get out through them.

In some places there are devices in the form of small black and blue cubes that allow you to change gravity in a certain direction and move through structures at a different angle.

Thanks to them, you can get to the most inaccessible places of the entire location.


A large, hand-crafted location where you have to look at the same structures from different angles to understand how they can be used.

Puzzle through careful exploration of space. The game is not meant to test your dexterity. It is meant to test your mindfulness and spatial thinking.

Fall from any height. You will remain safe and unharmed.

Easy route planning because all the contents of the location are almost always in sight. And you can study the walls and ceiling before they become your floor.

Move different platforms from one place to another to secure access to new places.

Find and collect keys that will help you expand your abilities.

Each side of a huge cubic room is individual. Ranging from appearance and soundtrack to content.

ITRP Volatile Vertex

ITRP  Volatile Vertex video game Developed by Unhexigion and published by Unhexigion video screen

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From Orbit

From Orbit video game by Tentacle Head Games

Made by Tentacle Head Games

InFrom Orbityou'll manage the crew of a small spaceship. Stranded deep in uncharted space, they need to make their way home. Journey from planet to planet, each procedurally generated with unique environments, challenges, and alien creatures.


Scout out the richest resources and the deadliest critters, and discover unique challenges and powerful artifacts.


You're going to need all the Ore and Crystal you can carry if you're going to mount a successful defense or purchase the upgrades you'll need to make it home alive.


Err... Escape. The resources on each planet won't last forever, but the alien creatures willing to bite your legs off never seem to end, eventually overwhelming even the most stalwart crew. Hold out as long as you can... but don't throw your resources - or the lives of your crew - away to a lost cause. Always be prepared to make a timely exit when things start getting hairy.

How To Play

If you're new to RTS games and need some pointers, check out...


From Orbit's soundtrack was composed bytenfour, and is available for purchase separately. If you've enjoyed the music in the game, please check it out!

From Orbit (Original Game Soundtrack)

From Orbit

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Surreal Experience

Surreal Experience video game Developed by JIMMY DIAMOND and published by JIMMY DIAMOND

Developed by JIMMY DIAMOND and published by JIMMY DIAMOND


Surreal Experience is a game with heavy elements of horror, dark humor, and absurdity. Play as an employee of Surreal Eradicators LLC, a company that specializes in evicting homeless people from abandoned buildings; get your hands dirty and your mind ready to tackle this job with your best foot forward. Almost everyone in this game is your opposition, including your own manager - be smart about your approach, stay alert of your surroundings at all times, and use items you find around the building to ensure your survival.

Surreal Experience requires an incredible amount of skillinventory managementluck to beat. If you use your items too soon, or aren't fast enough with how you approach the job, you'll lose again and again. Are you up for the challenge?

The Backstory

An abandoned office building lies within the heart of rural America. A structurally sound and well-designed building inhabited by no-one finally to be put to use. That's what you thought anyway when you decided to take on a cleaning gig you saw in the paper. What they failed to tell you is that you won't need a bucket or a mop to clean this place up, though you may want to put some gloves on. The problem here isn't dirt or grime, the problem is people. Homeless people.

Stumbling across the unused space must've been a stroke of luck for these fellas, but it's time for them to go. Navigate the entire office space and do your best to kick them out. Most will go down without a fight, but some of them look a little violent or crazy. Use items to make your job easier, and stay out of trouble.

Will you be able to finish the job and get out with your life?

How to PlayGame Features

Navigate the office building in search for homeless people, and kick them out, but proceed with caution; there is a deranged man running around trying to stop you at every turn. Rumor has it he gets increasingly frustrated the more homeless people you kick out. Some say he's the one who found the old building, and gave these people a place to live. Use items you find around the office to your advantage, like smoking some crack to run faster, or wearing a disguise to blend in and escape his madness.

Be sure to do things quickly and efficiently! Your manager is watching your every step, and if you aren't up to the task, he'll lecture or even fire you!

Watch out for this guy - he exists to do nothing more than waste your time and steal your precious contraband away from you.

Surreal Experience. Available now.

Surreal Experience

Surreal Experience video game Developed by JIMMY DIAMOND and published by JIMMY DIAMOND video screen

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MegaFactory Titan

MegaFactory Titan video game Developed by Q Switched Productions, LLC and published by Q Switched Productions, LLC

Developed by Q Switched Productions, LLC and published by Q Switched Productions, LLC

MegaFactory Titan is a factory building game set on Saturns moon Titan.

Strip mine an infinite world, build enormous sprawling factories, trade with a multitude of factions, and defend against pirates who would steal your hard-earned resources.

But Titan is a prime spot for warring factions. Where settlers once purchased farms from you, soon youll find factions requesting tanks, jets, and space warships. War may be inevitable, but for an industrial powerhouse like yourself, war is also profitable.


No more mindless conveyor belts which always get stuck. Build a factory with smart Maglev Tubes know where to send goods and exactly what quantity is requested, sort across junctions automatically, and handle loops smartly.


Build enormous sprawling factories however you choose. Construct intricate webs of Maglev Tubes, or carefully planned grids. And if maglevs are not your style, try a fleet of automated rocket trucks, or perhaps a swarm of cargo aircraft.


The world is infinite, procedurally generated, and varies wildly with each new game. And its completely alterable. Carve strip mines, flatten mountains, or fill in seas.


Build cities for colonists, sell weapons to rebels, or sell nukes to terrorists. But pirates and other enemies would rather take your goods or your factory by force. Keep your gun turrets supplied, keep your combat jets patrolling, or order up some orbital strikes!


Two factions are in a battle for control of Titan. Pick a side and join the fight. Or if thats not your style, be an arms dealer, and supply weapons to both sides. Just watch out when the war spills over into your factory!

MegaFactory Titan

MegaFactory Titan video game Developed by Q Switched Productions, LLC and published by Q Switched Productions, LLC video screen

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Slipways video game by Jakub Wasilewski

Made by Jakub Wasilewski

Slipways started out right here on itch.io as a PICO-8 game! If you're looking for that, it's now called Slipways Classic.

Note: Itch.io purchases now come with Steam keys, if you'd like to redeem one.

Slipways takes the space grand strategy genre and condenses the best parts of it down by throwing away all the micromanagement and the steep learning curve. The result is a unique blend of the strategy and puzzle genres in which you can finish a run quickly, but still have a deep experience full of tough decisions.


Colonize planets, carefully pick industries and hook everything up so that your planets support each other. Line everything up just right and watch your colonies evolve and grow, giving you even more options for profitable trade. Make long-term plans and bask in your own glory when that one last connection makes six planets upgrade at the same time and gives you the income you desperately need.

There is no military aspect to pull your focus away from the economy. The game is more relaxed than your typical grand strategy. It's all about exploring space and its endless opportunities, shaping it to your whim and developing it to its full potential. No need for war with so much empty universe to claim.


Forget about tedious micromanagement and waiting for ships to be built. In Slipways, every action you take has immediate consequences, and every choice you make is of paramount importance. Your planets govern themselves while you focus on making the right decisions to get them what they need. You'll waste none of your precious time on busywork. A single run takes 40-60 minutes and they are all filled with the good stuff.

TECH IT UP A NOTCHThere are no boring technologies here. Instead of making a single building 20 more efficient, technologies in Slipways let you move planets at will, harness stars for energy or colonize planets with sentient machines instead of people. The selection varies each run, so you'll have to plan carefully and adapt to the situation at hand. The path you choose will profoundly change your experience and the way you look at the game's planets and resources.PLAY IT YOUR WAYThe standard gameplay mode gives you 25 years to build the best empire you can, but there are others. The endless mode lets you play for as long as you can hold on to power, the sandbox mode allows you to experiment freely, while the ranked run is a chance to measure your skills against others around the world on pre-seeded maps.The game also features a campaign mode, with each scenario introducing a new twist and refreshing the gameplay. On launch day, there will only be a few scenarios to explore, but their number will increase over time as free updates are released. The new mechanics introduced in the campaign will also feature in other modes, becoming new options for even more varied runs.


More about this game here.

Cosmic Invasion

Cosmic Invasion video game Developed by Blue Blaze Gaming Inc and published by Blue Blaze Gaming Inc

Developed by Blue Blaze Gaming Inc and published by Blue Blaze Gaming Inc

Cosmic Invasion is a combination of strategy mixed in with quick frantic battles against fleets that contain many ships. The strategic layer is a 20 X 30 grid of sectors which creates 600 sectors in all. You move your ships around trying to protect your home planet and space stations from the invading fleets of UFO ships. You are also trying to collect resources from asteroid fields, nebulas and crystalline planets, and collecting ships modules at certain planets. Use these modules to increase your ships stats.

The Invasion

The space around your planet is being invaded by vast hordes of alien UFO fleets. You must protect your planet at any cost as losing it will end the game. You also have 4 space stations scattered around your quadrant of space. Try to hold on to these space stations as they serve as a great place to repair your ships, and they greatly add to your score.

Your Ships

You are not left defenseless as you will start the game with 5 ships, one at each of the 4 space stations and one at your home planet. You can build more ships by collecting metals. You can collect modules from most types of planets, and you use these to upgrade the stats of your ships. There are 9 different types of modules with 3 levels of each of them.


The game only contains 3 types of resources, metal, science and crystals. Metals are used to build new ships and to create repair kits for your ships. Science is used mostly for researching new technologies. Crystals are used for installing modules onto your ships.

You can collect metals by searching asteroid fields. Science and be found by searching nebulas and crystals are found on crystalline planets.


As you collect science from nebulas, you use them to research technologies that will greatly improve your chances to hold off the invading fleets a bit longer. These technologies will increase your repair rates and reduce the time it takes you to move and search areas.

Alien UFO Fleets

Early in the game the size of the alien fleets will be 3-4 ships, and they will just be scout ships. These are the slowest and weakest of the 5 alien UFO ship types. But as the game progresses the fleet size will grow as will the types of ships they contain. Seeing fleets of 15-20 ships will be common during the late part of the game.

UFO Spawn Locations

The game will start with 3 to 6 spawn locations and a new spawn location will appear every 7 to 10 turns depending on the skill level you started the game with. Its this progression that will eventually lead to you losing the game... but keep in mind your goal is to get the highest score possible!


Combat is very unique and has a very quick pace to it. UFO ships will start to appear and move while shooting both bullets and missiles. They will dance around the skies and then disappear just as quickly as they appeared. You will move your ships aimer around the screen and fire both machine gun bullets and missiles.

Ending The Game

The game ends when you have either lost your home planet, or you have lost all of your ships. You score points each turn for the remaining armor of your space stations and home planet, so even just taking damage to them will reduce your score each turn. You also score points for destroying UFO's during combat.

Cosmic Invasion

Cosmic Invasion video game Developed by Blue Blaze Gaming Inc and published by Blue Blaze Gaming Inc video screen

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Moonbase Down

Moonbase Down video game Developed by Advent RPG and published by Advent RPG

Developed by Advent RPG and published by Advent RPG

Game Play

Moonbase Down is a minimalist xenomorph survival horror arcade game with tactical shooter elements. Featuring an ever expanding horde of alien life forms which are able to reproduce using the human body as host.

Players must balance the use of personal force fields, ammunition, power, and avoidance to escape all 10-floors with Jonesy the cat. All the while, Jonesy is your companion and asset boosting power regeneration, but she is easily spooked by alien contact.


After retrieving an unknown radio emitting object from the asteroid belt in the year 2184, all contact is lost with Moonbase One. You have been sent to investigate the ten-story complex and recover the unsent crew logs.

Core Features

Procedural Moonbase Maze Generation

Force Field, Pulse Rifle, Stasis Mines

7-Xenomorph Archetypes

Alien Impregnation

Limited Ammo

Jonesy the Cat

60-FPS Greenscreen Graphics

Early Access [DLC]: Sandbox mode under development

Moonbase Down

Moonbase Down video game Developed by Advent RPG and published by Advent RPG video screen

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Solar Collector

Solar Collector video game by emilyp

Made by emilyp

Developed for LD39 - theme running out of power

LD link:this game the main objective is to run an energy business, you have to set up the solar panels, charging stations and the portal for the customers to come through. The challenge comes from having to keep up with ever increasing payments

Solar Collector

More about this game here.

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