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You should give the new open world games covered below a go if you're up for a fresh challenge and, presumably, plenty of fun to boot!

Slime Village VR

Slime Village VR video game Developed by Piece Of Voxel and published by Piece Of Voxel

Developed by Piece Of Voxel and published by Piece Of Voxel

Slime Village VR is a 3D sandbox in cute Lowpoly graphics, created especially for virtual reality glasses.

The essence of the game is to search for various interactions between objects of the environment or just suffering from nonsense in the virtual world. For example, is it possible to chop down a tree with blaster shots, how high can a slime be thrown without consequences, or can I chop two trees at once with two axes.

In this sandbox, you can:

Shoot a bow- Draw on any surface in the virtual world

Cut down trees

Break stones

Play basketball

Operate various mechanisms using levers and clamping plates (For example, open a cache, turn on a light or start a mill)

Admire slimes or increase their population by dividing into 2 parts, not without the use of physical force)

Or just build a tower of cubes

And also find various Easter eggs not inherent in a magical village, for example, blasters or a space rocket.

In the study of the virtual world, signs and signs will help you, and to move you can use the teleport.

Slime Village VR

Slime Village VR video game Developed by Piece Of Voxel and published by Piece Of Voxel video screen

More about this game here.

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Legend of Xenia

Legend of Xenia video game by baku

Made by baku

Legend of Xenia is a retro-inspired, open-world Zelda-like with a resolution of just 64x64 pixels.

Take control of a young girl who wakes up on an island

with no memories of her past or how she got there...

Explore the island

Fight lots of baddies

Meet new friends

Uncover your past

Controls:Expected play time: 20-ish min. or something (ツ)Thanks to:jo0ox for making music for LoXGasparatus for letting me use some of his musicJuju for his great dialogue engineCreated for LOWREZJAM 2016Legend of Xenia placed 8th best, among 400 entries.-Version 1.0 is the "authentic jam version", the one submitted for the deadline. 1.1 fixed a number of bugs and issues. See comments for what's fixed.

Legend of Xenia

More about this game here.

Re: Summon

Re: Summon video game Developed by Aidil and published by Aidil

Developed by Aidil and published by Aidil

In the world of Re: Summon, humans and monsters have a unique relationship. They form contracts with each other and live alongside each other in their daily lives. In a Contract, the human side is referred to as a Summoner, with the contracted monster being called as a Contractor. Re: Summon is an excellent blend of the monster taming genre and a JRPG. Experience a compelling story, face off other summoners, solve puzzles and become the best summoner in the world of Re: Summon!

Form Contracts with monsters and become The Greatest Summoner!

Game Features:

An Epic Story to play through: Experience the journey of Weiss and Gemini in their adventures to become the greatest Summoner

Over 100 Contractors to form contracts with!

Lots of towns and cities to explore

Choose your battles! Monsters roam the overworld so you can choose whether to fight or run! Featuring a fun and engaging battle system

A robust fusion system to fuse your Contractors


Engaging puzzles to solve

Full KeyboardController Support

Re: Summon

Re: Summon video game Developed by Aidil and published by Aidil video screen

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Doge Dimensions

Doge Dimensions video game Developed by DueceyGames LLC and published by DueceyGames LLC

Developed by DueceyGames LLC and published by DueceyGames LLC

Explore The Galaxy: Take advantage of Doges robust movement options to explore 3 far-off planets, and take on unique challenges

Gooba's Gambit

Fight hoards of Goobas in a grueling gauntlet to the death. Collect their eyeballs and be wary of their Slime Slinging Slashes

Coin Chase

Collect as many coins as possible while navigating a forest of crystals and evading perilous sandstorms

Hidden Hams

Look through every crack and crevice as you explore the sacred Hidden Ham Hills to satisfy your hungry Doge.

Doge Dimensions

Doge Dimensions video game Developed by DueceyGames LLC and published by DueceyGames LLC video screen

More about this game here.


WATCHDOGS 1985 video game by hwilson

Made by hwilson

WatchDogs 1985 is a loosely C64-style demake of WatchDogs.


Hacking, obviously

Free Roam mode

Dynamically-spawning Police

Driving (inspired by Stryker's Run)

A "charming" retro aesthetic

Very) Loose recreations of WatchDogs locations characters

You can ride on top of the train if you want

Hearts restore HP

Batteries restore Phone Battery

Briefcases give a large amount of Hack Points, used to gain more Maximum Phone Battery

Doors can be entered by pressing Up (ArrowsD-Pad)

Cars can be entered by pressing Down(ArrowsD-Pad)


More about this game here.


神徒 video game Developed by 陳世傑 and published by 陳世傑

Developed by 陳世傑 and published by 陳世傑

in the magical Potala world, every yuan spirit can become a God. What kind of God you want to become will be up to you!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In the distant and mysterious oriental civilization, there is a place outside the world. It is at the top of the world and in the snowy plateau. It is Potala. The Potala world is open to everyone and accepts all sentient beings. At the same time, the emissary from the divine world, the esoteric God monk, is also here to select the "Yuan spirit"!What is the yuan spirit? All sentient beings can be spirit if they are destined to God! If you accept to be a Yuanling, you can reincarnate into the Potala world. Yuanling's life exceeds natural reincarnation and can be reborn. Under the guidance of divine monks, you can complete the mission, fight against the evil emperor and protect Potala. Yuanling's ultimate mission is to grow from a new God in Potala to a new God in Potala, seal the evil emperor and save the world together with many new gods!To be what kind of God is not only a test, but also freedom! Yuan Ling can freely determine the growth of attributes at each level. Many combinations of five elements, four elements and human escape allow you to DIY your own unique skills. Various materials, drives and extensions allow you to freely assemble personalized equipment. You need to do the strongest output or the most meat shield. You can do whatever you want, plus the yuan Ling's unique skills of six yuan realm, Let you really have 72 changes!Some people like PVE, others like PVP. Everyone can adjust. In the Potala world, God is not absolutely invincible. Various controls, seals, States, etc. are combined with dozens of attributes. You can see moves and open moves, match with other players anytime, anywhere in the game, change different equipment and skills, and match at any time. The battle in the arena is a battle between gods, The reward mode accumulated in the prize pool makes you earn a lot in the fun of PVP. It's not a dream to get rich by hard power! At the same time, competitive ladder points, the same row in the world, stand out from the crowd at the top! You can also improve Yuanling proficiency in the process of competition, unlock GV exclusive dance and super Yuanling feature bonus!There is no threshold for the boss of the hunting world. Any yuan spirit can participate in the war. All items such as top mounts, materials and equipment in the Potala world can also be dropped. They can compete fairly and share the benefits of the war.The six yuan realm can stimulate the infinite potential of the yuan spirit, kill and survive, make a powerful blow to turn the tide, and turn the plate in a moment. The terrible realm stunt makes both gods and Demons clean!there are many interesting systems, such as food synthesis, mission, achievement, business, reinforcement, auction, jumping music, etc., to meet the needs of all kinds of life parties and leisure parties. You can be rich in the world, or you can be free and carefree!The above is the first content of Shentu 1.0. Players who buy any version do not need to pay again for the later updated version, and permanently get the right to update the latest content. Your support is the source power of developers! Thanks for playing!


神徒 video game Developed by 陳世傑 and published by 陳世傑 video screen

More about this game here.


SpeedingRoad video game Developed by NeedFreeMove and published by NeedFreeMove

Developed by NeedFreeMove and published by NeedFreeMove

Main content

The current version includes a racing mode and a racing model control. Players can create discipline in three different environments of ten tracks. The game will automatically upload the player's highest record and its driving track, and store all the player's racing driving records, allowing players to record clearly and freely.

Player records

Players can get the recorded information through the leaderboard in the game, and can use the driving tracks recorded by all players to race with them again to create more interesting and faster driving tracks. In the game, you can pause and load the driving track at any time.

Racing controller

The functions of the racing controller include normal acceleration, deceleration, left and right turns, and drift at a certain high speed.

In racing mode, you can use flame jet, power jump, power fall, rapid regeneration, left and right flip, back and forth flip, time slow down and time stagnation.

In order to make it easier for players to operate, players can change the controller keys at any time. The game fully supports the handle controller Xbox.


Adventure mode will be launched in the future, please look forward to it!!!


SpeedingRoad video game Developed by NeedFreeMove and published by NeedFreeMove video screen

More about this game here.

Sigma World Online

Sigma World Online video game by UncleAlex

Made by UncleAlex

MMO sandbox with complete freedom of action.

Features of the project:

Full interaction of players in the same game universe

Generation of properties of races of animals, development and life of animals in the environment.

Character Skills, Genetics and Abilities

Combined cooking, product compatibility studies when creating dishes

Crafting and various resources



Private territories

Generated star system.

Space flights, moving between different worlds


Trading stations for offline trading between players

Meteorites and gathering resources in space


Terraforming the map

Fighting in space

Fully destructible environment

Saving character achievements and extracted resources when wiping the server


Construction of space stations


In the plans:

New spaceships and spaceship components

New items and crafting recipes

Discord server - -https:twitter.comSigmaWorldGame

Sigma World Online

More about this game here.

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