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Whether your taste in beat 'em up games is mainstream or extremely niche, the following picks are probably going to be permanent fixtures in your weekly rotation...

Down and Out

Down and Out video game Developed by Zatun and published by Zatun

Developed by Zatun and published by Zatun

Prepare for a brand new challenge. A truly immersive experience of surviving on the city streets awaits you, as you battle to prove yourself as the toughest and meanest! Fight, make money and become the king of the streets in the all-new VR fighting game from Zatun - Down Out!Experience the life of a ruthless street brawler with no place to call home, as you build both your wealth and reputation by punching your way through the opposition! But this is only the beginning! Play the right cards and throw the right punches, and battle your way through the street fighting circles. You might have started with nothing, but you can end up as the richest, most badass person in the city.Down and Out gives you, the player, the ability to forge your own path. With a broad open world and a freestyle combat system, the choices you make are yours and yours alone, as you carve out your place in the street-fighting rings of the big city. Whether you follow Down and Outs thrilling storyline, or strike out on your own and freely explore the game world as you want, you can be sure of the time of your life.Be ready for the fight of a lifetime. Forced to live on the city streets, your story plays out through a series of meticulously planned story quests that will take you from being a poor nobody to being powerful and infamous. Discover the lives of the characters you meet on the streets, and choose how your own tale will play out!! Can you fight tooth and nail against the dangers of the big city fighting rings, where only your strength and cunning will keep you safe? We cant wait to see!A brand-new combat system, custom-made for VR. Tired of mashing buttons and wiggling joysticks? In Down and Out, you literally get to call the shots with our new combat system, developed specially for the games VR experience. Every punch you throw will be your own, using movements inspired by real-life fighting styles and integrated seamlessly into your motion input. Its the closest youll get to actual streetfighting!A Success Story to remember. You might start on the streets with empty pockets, but Down and Outs engaging story quests will let you advance to the ranks of the wealthy and powerful if you survive the fights along the way.Unique gameplay with bold visuals. Down and Out immersive visuals blend a catchy mix of realism with the pop and pizzazz of your favourite comic books, bringing the city to life as you navigate streets full of colour, lights and deadly enemies who would like nothing more than to break every bone in your body.Smarter than ever before! Down and Outs AI will challenge you like very few games have done before. The games AI adapts to your moves, and no two enemies will fight in the same way. Your opponents will analyse your techniques and learn from your mistakes- so make sure you do the same, or your story will be over before you know it! If you want to rule the streets in Down and Out, youll have to take on wave after wave of enemies- each one tougher and smarter than the last. But remember, each victory brings you money and fame, and one step closer to your goal.Tired of fighting? Take a quick break! Fighting for your life and money can get a little intimidating-so Down and Out offers a host of activities on the side, for when your fists need some rest! Explore the city freely, doing side missions, riding bicycles and shopping carts, and check out the many activities and minigames that wait for you on the streets.Mark out your territory! The city is your canvas- and your kingdom. Design your own personal graffiti and use it to claim your territory- but be wary, because your rivals wont just sit there and let you take over their streets. Be ready to defend your turf, and yourself!Play Ball! Prove your basketball skills by shooting hoops around the city. Take a break from the fighting and make a quick buck by showing us some sick 3-pointer throws! Maybe youre the next LeBron James, and just havent realised it yet.Youre not alone in this! Life on the streets is harsh and unforgiving, but it neednt be lonely. Adopt a stray dog in the game and hell always have your back. Keep him happy and well-fed, and your new furry friend will be there for you no matter what.Diamonds in the rough: As you walk the streets in Down and Out. Everywhere you go has helpful items waiting to be picked up and used, even in the most unlikely places like dumpsters and garbage cans. From food to transportation to even improvised weapons, Down and Out is full of goodies ready to be snatched up as long as you keep your eyes open. But remember, take too much and too often, and itll attract unwelcome attention from the authorities!Flaunt your hard-earned cash at the in-game store selling a variety of items to make your life just a little bit easier. Whether you need to heal after a particularly brutal fight, or just want some new swag to look good- weve got you covered.With its immersive visuals, engaging gameplay, and unique story, Down and Out allows players to test their mettle on the streets, where strength is the only law that matters. Down and Out has something for everyone, veteran brawlers and new players alike- so come late 2021, get ready to shape your destiny in the mean city streets, with nothing but your wits and your fists to guide you. Whether you are a hardened veteran or a new player, Down and Out will let you experience the adrenaline of streetfighting like never before.Discover the survivors of the dark side of city life, as their struggle- and yours- is told through Down and Out.Down Out will soon be available for Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Steam, and probably PSVR later this year.Join our Discord to keep track of our game updates - https:discord.ggs7Z6uPC

Down and Out

Down and Out video game Developed by Zatun and published by Zatun video screen

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Agni Kai Arena

Agni Kai Arena video game by Whitewatt

Made by Whitewatt

Dedicated to my sister, Carol.

Agni Kai Arena is an ATLAATLK fangame where you can face off your friends and rivals on the battlefield of the firebenders and show off your amazing bending skills!

You can increase your ranking by beating opponents. Will you become the master firebender of all time?!

Credits to Sakkido for fixing up the new character models!

You must set 4 skills before you can play in the Skillset menu!

If the game doesn't launch try downloading the PreRequisites!


WASD - Movement

Spacebar - Jump

CTRL while Moving - Dodge

Q, R, T, E - Skills

Left Shift - Run

Escape - Escape Menu

F - Taunt

Agni Kai Arena is inspired by Avatar the Legend of AangKorra however it is not affiliated nor does it claim copyright over such, as it is merely a fangame it is not made for profit.

Agni Kai Arena

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Samurai Revenge

Samurai Revenge video game Developed by supergame and published by supergame

Developed by supergame and published by supergame

Samurai Revenge is an action clear version to clear the level. The game has 7 levels. There are several different styles of enemies such as swordsmen and archers, as well as various traps that require quick response. The game also includes Combo upgrade system. With the upgrade of skills, you can make powerful combos to quickly kill enemies. There are also tense survival mode and one-shot mode for players to explore.

Samurai Revenge

Samurai Revenge video game Developed by supergame and published by supergame video screen

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Fight Ascending

Fight Ascending video game Developed by Meng Games and published by Meng Games

Developed by Meng Games and published by Meng Games

This is a fast-paced arcade-style casual fighting game. The levels are all randomly generated by the program and can be challenged forever.


Go to the next level after completing the objectives of each level.

Improve the attributes of the characters as you like.

Go back to the upper level after failure.

Fight Ascending

Fight Ascending video game Developed by Meng Games and published by Meng Games video screen

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Cosmic Boll (Demo)

Cosmic Boll (Demo) video game by Yoritoshi

Made by Yoritoshi

Cosmic Boll is a remake of Bolinha, a game I developed back in 2006 that was itself based on comics I drew as a child back in 1998. After several iterations over the years, I've finally figured out the kind of gameplay that does justice to them. It had been right on my face the entire time.

The game is a fast paced beat 'em up with slope physicsbuilt on Clickteam Fusion 2.5 andthe Sonic Worlds Delta engine (plus the basic enemy AI from LakeFeperd's Simple Sonic Worlds which is likely the same used in Spark The Electric Jester). It mainly takes inspiration from GBA beat 'em ups such as Dragon Ball Advance Adventure and Astro Boy Omega Factor.

As the little blob warrior Bolinha, the player must bowl their way through the army that has destroyed his home.

The current build goes up to stage 1-5.

A miniboss is present at stage 1-2.


Arrow Keys: General movement.

A: JumpInvincible Dash

S: Normal attacks

D: Core ShotQuick combo finisher

W: Dash button

E: Core Swap


Please combine the arrow keys with either attack button in the ground or in the air to see what moves you can do and how they can be chained together.

Parry attacks and hazards by blocking right before they hit. Quakes and grabs cannot be parried.

Don't get your guard broken, as you'll take double damage and lose SP. When SP goes into negative values, parry something to recover it quickly.

Dashes are only vulnerable to electric attacks. Roll while dashing along the ground to boost.

Wall-bouncing is enhanced by doing it from a rolling jump.

Some of Bolinha's attacks can deflect round projectiles without needing to parry them. And I mean Round. Don't try that on stuff like squares, stars or laser beams.

Enemies of certain colors, like red or pink, won't flinch from attacks and deal double damage. Enemies generally attack in fixed periods, so you can tell when to block and parry them.

Keep a fire core equipped to prevent knockback from getting hit while attacking. Keep a bolt core to gain more invincibility from either getting hit or collecting items.

Why push blocks when when can air dash into them instead? Certain attacks and the bounce ability will move them too.

Consult the Guide section on the game's pause menu for more details.

Note:The game might trigger false positive alerts on antiviruses due to being made in Clickteam Fusion, but a December 2020 update on that software appears to have greatly reduced the chances of it happening.

Note 2: If the game runs very slowly and you've got a gamepad plugged in, try removing it and playing with the keyboard. This is an issue regarding an extension used for detecting controllers in the Sonic Worlds engine which I'm not sure what to do about.

Cosmic Boll (Demo)

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Sentient Noir

Sentient Noir video game Developed by Turbulon Interactive and published by Turbulon Interactive

Developed by Turbulon Interactive and published by Turbulon Interactive

Note to players about DEMO: We have an early demo build available to play (inspired by EGX PAX) and the game is still in production. You will still need a keyboard to exit and start your game and your game will not save. This will not be the case when the full game is released. We've been putting a lot of energy into making this game over the 4 years so please take your time to give us support and feedback! Please be constructive. This will improve our game and make it a better experience for you in the end.

Welcome to Night Light City, a dark, dystopian alien City, where four factions want the incredible powers of a Detective Hunter for their own ends. With these powers, you're able to manipulate, befriend, betray, instill fear and destroy the sentient populous. You are feared, but maybe that can change as you discover the secrets of the sentient city.

Uncover the secrets and truth of this dark sentient city as a hard-boiled alien detective

Utilise your detective skills to solve many cases and restore your reputation. Your cases will include simple to mature-themed scenarios

Experience the sentient emote system that you can use to interrogate, manipulate, terrorize or sway the odds in your favor

Feel like a powerful alien weapon as you unleash your unstoppable powers into the very depths of the midnight alleys of Night Light City

Combat sentient enemies of varying species and sizes - all with motives and all deadly

Put your agile and athletic body to use as you parkour, doge, slide, fight, impale, hack, absorb and hunt your prey

Engage in an epic True Film Noir, Cyberpunk story with other themes and culture to discover and explore along the way. Each case, small or big will reveal your true nature

Sentient Noir

Sentient Noir video game Developed by Turbulon Interactive and published by Turbulon Interactive video screen

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Roof Genocide

Roof Genocide video game Developed by Tamashii and published by Tamashii

Developed by Tamashii and published by Tamashii

Now it's your turn to survive on this fast paced endless side-scroller game!

Could you dare to slash through your way in a space era with our mighty warrior Zila.

Ease your mind with our nostalgic athmosphere while fighting against dreadful robots.

Kill various enemies by endless waves.

Collect points by killing enemies to get new Weapons, Bullets and Health kits.


Depot for Shopping

Stunning Graphics

Endless Gameplay

Variety of Enemies

Roof Genocide

Roof Genocide video game Developed by Tamashii and published by Tamashii video screen

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Advent NEON [DEMO]

Advent NEON [DEMO] video game by CryoGX

Made by CryoGX

Send large feedback!

Quick Bug Report!

Hyperactive 2D action platformer made by just me!

Tear up robots withlightspeed attacks and agility. Stoptime, andtransformwhen you reachMAX power! Exceed the limits you're used to, and hone Neon's ability to aninstinct.Feel the power, in this solo-dev'd passion project inspired by legends likeSonic the Hedgehog, Dragonball,Super Smash Bros, Celeste,DMCand Megaman!Advent NEON's got a large focus onsimple to learnmechanics with a high skill ceiling,with lots of room forskill expression.Neon has afullplatformfighter'smovesetto achieve this. The experience should feel fun, whether you're new, a veteran, an ultra-optimal speedrunner, or someone just looking to wavedash! Some of these mechanics include:Directional Aerial Attacks- similar to attacks from Smash Bros!8-Way Dashing- the kind of dash from Celeste, but even faster!Time Stop- dash into danger at the right time to freeze everything!Cancelling- Perform new attacks and actions before old ones finish!Nodes Healing-Collect them to increase Resonance and restore HP!Resonance-A percentage gauge that increases your damage output. Reach 100 to achieveMAX POWER!

Advent NEON [DEMO]

More about this game here.

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