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Small town stories that delve into creepy details like the ones below are surprisingly addictive to get into. You probably won't want to stop reading...


Sara Swan and her mom moved to a small town, but slowly, she realized that the town isn't what it is made out to be.

Soon enough, she would see that the town isn't what it seems...

Anathema on Wattpad

I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone, so I never understood why my parents told me not to talk to the strangers when we would go to the city growing up.

But now that I'm older, I see why it might be considered rude to talk to someone who has their mouth sown shut.

Posted on Reddit by Take_A_Niquill.

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Dad used to tell me stories about the small town by the lake where he lived as a kid, all about his big family celebrations, the fancy church with the metal gate and his lucky friends who did special, important things for the town.

When exploring an abandoned building took a weird turn, I learned about the cult rituals, the abandoned compound with rusty barbed wire around it and what happened to the missing kids all those years ago.

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Inspired by my own experiences with the paranormal, I wrote this short story about a family who experiences the devastation of a twister for the first time.

If you're curious, read to find out how they handle the situation.

Twisters on Wattpad

Crazy story about shadow people and the haunting of a know child predator. All in a small town in West Virginia.

In the small town of Slainsville, West Virginia a family thought they moved into their dream house. It began to be seen why they were able to buy the house for so cheap. There were many paranormal events beginning to take place. It all started when the family hosted a birthday party for their niece. With balloons all over the room one began to act different. It started to move like someone was holding onto the string. Then let go in an instance and floated back up. The family brushed it off until more events continued to happen to make them find out the haunted past of that house. Come find out the whole story about the Badman in Slainville on https:open.spotify.comepisode6rvHhwGuv30qMc2RzGtlju?sijPkBQAkfS5yYlvsUHpogeA

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As a reporter, when I moved to a small town upstate, at first I was scared of the locals and their traditions.

"the lands worth more than the people, call corporate to report a casualty,"

was the last thing I expected to hear with a 9mm pressed against my skull.

Posted on Reddit by trashpandahorde.

Must Love Ghosts (Excerpt)

Abby Reed believes in ghosts, but not in love.

She lost the love of her life, when her fiance died while deployed in Afghanistan, but she still has her music, her crazy ghost-filled town, and her pen-pal-slash-best-friend, Mike Stone.

It's a good life and she's happy, but when Mike arrives in Banshee Creek after his last tour of duty in Afghanistan, Abby starts to have doubts, about music, ghosts and, most importantly...love.

Like a good soldier, Mike Stone follows the rules, and Rule 1 is: Don't Fall For Your Dead Buddy's Fiancee and Rule 2 is: Don't Believe It Till You See It.

His relationship with Abby has been strictly platonic, and will remain that way, if he has anything to say about it.

But when he arrives in Banshee Creek, a town where the impossible is an everyday occurrence, he'll find out that sometimes rules are meant to be broken.

This story is now available on Amazon and you can read it FREE through Kindle Unlimited.

Use this url to purchase it: http:www.amazon.comMust-Love-Ghosts-Banshee-Creek-ebookdpB014GF8GS2refsr11?ieUTF8qid1440608935sr8-1keywordsmustloveghostsanigonzalez

Must Love Ghosts (Excerpt) on Wattpad

The faintly glowing rock necklaces that appeared under children's pillows in the small town delighted the kids and perplexed their parents.

Though the eventual sickness in the children was the primary concern of the parents, the extra teeth under pillows delighted the fairies.

Posted on Reddit by Monechetti.

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