Anna Wolf's "Silence" Will Inundate You With Sound

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Punkish power pop spun up to speed... Anna Wolf's superb new song "Silence" is anything but its namesake state.

This track thrills at the thought of quiet with calm empathy expressed as energy, pure. Anna gave us the scoop on her inspirations and creative process below, so read on for more.

Journey deeper.

Sleep and keep your dreams a secret. Speak in quiet.

Break the silence.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"I only need silence and you..."

What first inspired you to make music?

I remember being around 14 years old, running down the stairs from my bedroom towards my dad's office, asking for a guitar. Not even understanding quite why I wanted one. I’d like to think I was driven by something bigger than myself.

In my teens and as I got older I was exposed to all kinds of genres. From Marilyn Manson to Bach... All the rhythms and melodies stuck in my mind and I knew I needed to create art. From a young age, music had the ability to transform my emotions. From then on I knew I could create music to make an impact on peoples lives… The rest is history and here I am.

Anna distills melody, beat and lyrical beauty to a musical amalgam, mental, in "Silence".

Intentions glisten as gold-studded walls deep under shaky ground in this tune, tempting you further in and blotting out the light behind.

Are there any artists you'd love to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Matthew from The National and Woodkid. Their work draws me into a creative space like no other.


What does the 'silence within' that your song refers to mean for you?

The Silence within, how we all crave more of it, right? It’s the place where there are no labels and a " nothingness of nothing ”.

In the moment of stillness, not even the silence is heard.

I often reach that space. Without mediation though, I don’t easily recognise my real purpose. (Inner and outer purpose that is.)

I find that when I am not still , my self indulgence sweeps me up from my feet. Takes me on a magical ride, yet only for a fleeting moment, before it spits me out.

Silence is only reached when we realise who we are not.

Hasty guitar notes spill to splinters at the intro in "Silence". Drums trip over each other throughout the verses, making way for Anna's electric vocals. She wakes the dead at each chorus to the steady cadence of tribal kicks, cataclysmic.


Bass breathes buzzy breath into the lower spectrum, hugging the underside of a sparse spread of lingering tones and disembodied shrieks. Space is palpable, yet full to distance.

How would you describe the creative process behind "Silence"?

From a personal aspect, my creative process behind Silence was in the "letting go.” The letting go of any walls and any judgement of my own self.

Silence speaks of anxiety and how we as humans can easily become our thoughts. It is important for me to stay the observer of my emotions. The track was born from all these various emotional dynamics.

From a production perspective, I wrote and collaborated with a fantastic production team called “The Bears” which consists of producer Pete Boxta Martin and writer Dantae Johnson.

I wrote the verses more than 6 years ago; they were just sitting there, in my draft box, waiting to be used.

Thoughts as lyrics in "Silence" seem to sit on and sink into the mind with stinging insistence. They echo like embers dying, that we might see the dark silence surrounding them before they blow out.

This song is its own brand of epic and ought not be ignored. It's the perfect contrast of purpose and approach. Be silent and press play below.

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