Anna of the North's "Used To Be" Will Take You Way Back

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Love in a jar drizzled over jammin' synthetic horns holds us in place in Anna of the North's "Used To Be".

There's funkadelic feel for days and days on end in this bouncy new tune.

Way back when...

We were kids and crazy. Things we did... Amazing.

Now we're growing and changing.

Odd Nugge-hecho

"...All that really makes you happy are the things you can't see..."

Smooth, retro-flavored R&B moves in the groove of this great tune. "Used To Be" is like SWV swamped in chill Nordic energy.

Squashed horns simmer sound on sound as a laid-back beat carries Anna's voice from chorus to verse and back again. The harmony is bold. The melodies are mobile. The whole song is soulful.


Anna imparts wisdom with deceptive simplicity. Truths fall in droplets over bass-heavy bang and boisterous flow. "Used To Be" slaps and dips to a groove you'll be glad to ride.

This track will take you back, man. "Used To Be" brings back memories and makes new ones with its adorable video. Press play below and enjoy.

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