Animal Feelings and Thief Steal Your Attention With "Soft Touches"

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Animal Feelings just released an EP brimming with bright electric essence.

"Soft Touches" shows up as intro track on its EP of the same name, wielding immaterial melody with loving intentions. It's smooth to the touch.

Welcome... You're always welcome.

Some things take time and...

Others come quickly. Too...

Much to your chagrin, it's you.


"I'm not gonna let you go..."

Animal Feelings flirts with impossibly intangible sounds in this song. "Soft Touches" takes the heights and chasms as a storm of swirling nimbus.

Easy, lingering vocals pierce the air, surgical, and hang, hesitant, over wobbling floorboard bass notes. Wavering keys come cascading. Synthetic pads lose their place on the record, skipping alongside wind-up whirrs. "Soft Touches" touches edges, on the verge of emotional collapse.

Open space colors this track's character, spreading energy over spacious expanses in all directions. It's Imax for the ears; a full-immersion experience of otherworldly elements.

For the ultimate in chill vibes, you can't do much better than this. Like liquid love, this overtakes you on the dip, washes over and submerges your senses. Say yes and press play, ok?

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