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Angel Caius Volturi

An Angel, Serenity, is sent on Earth by Fate to solve the case of disappearing people. >>The only clue Fate gives her is the location; a small town of Italy called Volterra. >>Join Serenity on her journey to figure out why people in Volterra are not living long enough to meet their destinies, and how along the way she meets a certain blond-haired male who may or may not be her prime suspect. >>[ᴄᴀɪᴜꜱ ᴠᴏʟᴛᴜʀɪ x ᴏᴄ] [ꜱᴛᴀʀᴛᴇᴅ : ᴍᴀʀᴄʜ 31ꜱᴛ, 2020] [ғɪɴɪsʜᴇᴅ : April 20th, 2021 ] [ᴄᴏᴠᴇʀ ʙʏ : sᴜᴡᴜʙɪɴs]

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"Looks like heaven's been missing an angel," he said to her.

The gun he held to her head suggested she'd be back soon.

Posted on Reddit by responsiblefornothin.

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My very own guardian angel, or so I thought

When I was 11 or 12, my family moved to a house in some woods pretty close to the town. It was a lodge, wooden house. My two brothers, sister and dad. My mom was in another, similiar house next to ours as there wasn't enough space. In the first few days, it seemed good, safe and even free-er than usual. My dad worked on evenings so we'd be alone in our room doing homework, chatting, normal stuff. One evening, my dad was gonna stay 'till morning so me and my brother got his room. We were in the bed, trying to sleep. It was about 2AM when I heard footsteps next to the bedroom and thought it was my sister so I yelled "GO TO SLEEP SARAH". No response. The footsteps got closer to the door and it slowly opened. There was no one there. Then I heard footsteps next to the bed. I wasn't scared, I felt... safe. I felt like whatever that was was just checking up on me to see if I was okay. Footsteps stopped and the door closed. I fell asleep with a smile, I felt safer than ever. My dad came in the morning and I was already awake, watching TV on the couch. My dad asked me "Did mom check up on you durning the night as I told her?" and I found it being a strange opportunity. I answered "No, someone else did." My dad was confused, so he asked me who it was and I said I didn't know. We had a short laugh. The next night, everything over again, dad stayed at work until morning. This time, I purposely stayed up to repeat like last night. I heard a loud bang on the other side of the wall to my left. I screamed and that woke my brother up.

"Josh? What the hell just banged so #$@$ing loud?"

"I don't know! Let's check!" I was excited.

"Josh, are you sane? It's 2 in the morning!"

"I know... but I really wanna know what it was!"

"Okay, let's go.. I'm gonna go first in case someone broke in."

He grabbed a random broom from next to the door and we went there. There was nothing there and everything was in place. I heard footsteps coming towards dad's room's door. "WAIT!", I yelled, knowing my brother heard it too.

"Josh, who are you talking to?"

"I don't know, but I hear footsteps coming to our room, like last night. Whatever it was was next to me, checking up on me."

"Are you sane, really? No, no, I believe you, but there's certainly a ghost in here or something."

We rushed to the room and went to bed. I suddenly felt unsafe. Really endangered, I felt like a sniperscope watched me. It felt so wrong, I felt safe the last time, right? The feeling of fright went through my body and suddenly... a smell of blood. Like something had just died. I fell asleep as if someone just strangled me. I wake up in the morning and go make a sandwich as I was starving. I saw something run to the kitchen before me and hear a thump as if someone fell.

"Sarah? Mike? Ian? Dad? Who is there? Are you okay?"

Then I stopped, no one there. I heard the breathing of about five people around me. I turn saying names of my family. My dad walks in.

"You called, bud? You need somethin'?"

"No, dad.. Is mom here?"

"No, she's over at her house."

"Okay, um..."

Then I told him what was happening. He said he believed me so we sold the houses and moved. Since then, I felt safe. I prayed every morning for 3 years. I was terrified.

Now I am 21 years old, still talk with Sarah and Ian (not Mike, he died in a house fire) about that whenever we meet.

Can someone please, please tell me what the #$@$ that was? Should look further into it? Like, investigate?

Posted on Reddit by Josh_The_Bakamon.

Cupid's Match Wattpad Books Edition

He's mythologically hot, a little bit wicked, almost 100 immortal. >>And he'll hit you right in the heart . >>. >>. >>--- Lila Black doesn't believe in matchmaking, let alone soul mates. >>So why is she constantly being hassled by the Cupids Matchmaking Service? But this gilded, cherub-bedecked dating agency isn't exactly what it seems . >>. >>. >>and it's about to turn Lila's entire world upside down. >>It turns out that Cupids Matchmaking is the real deal. >>As in, it's run by actual cupidswho don't look at all like they do in the paintingsand they have a serious problem with Lila's "match." Because this guy shouldn't be in the system. >>He shouldn't have a match. >>And while he's irresistibly hot, he's also incredibly dangerous. >>Because Lila's true love match is Cupid. >>The original bad boy of love. >>And he wants her. >>Now Lila's once-normal teenaged world has exploded into a mythological nightmare overrun by crime-lord sirens, wrathful cupid hit men, magic arrows that cause no end of trouble, and a mischievous, not-so-angelic love god she can't seem to stop herself from falling for . >>. >>.

Cupid's Match Wattpad Books Edition on Wattpad

When I was younger I used to have the singing voice of an angel.

Well I mean I had her vocal cords

Posted on Reddit by TheOneTrueLoli.

Did you know, that aliens actually arent real.. and that the aliens we know are actually demons, fallen angels, here to deceive us. And clearly its been working!


Posted on Reddit by CodedGems.

Draft: Queen Hybrid

28 in Paranormal Highest (Formerly 'The Hybrid Princess') THIS IS A DRAFT VERSION OF MY NEW BOOK. >>THIS IS NOT THE FULL STORY. >>YOU CAN STILL READ THIS VERSION, BUT THERE IS NO SEQUEL. >>Message me if you have a question. >> In 1771, Cleo's parents died in what she thought was a crash. >>She was only 7 years old. >>She stayed hidden to make sure no one found her and took her to a human orphanage. >>It's 1780, and Cleo got the shock of her life. >>On the day of her 16th birthday, she turned into what she only thought was a myth. >>A werewolf-angel-vampire-mermaid hybrid. >>The most powerful creature on Earth. >>But how? Her parents are human... >>It is now 2014. >>Cleo is 250 years old and is still searching. >>Still searching for the killer of her parents. >>This is my first(ish) story on Wattpad. >>I deleted the first version of this story by mistake (sorry) and I have now started to rewrite it and make it better. >>I (usually) update every weekend and I love to hear feedback from you guys reading my book. >>Please point out any mistakes in my books as I would like my book to be as accurate as possible! Kara Diana Please do not copy my work. >>This is all my own work and I would hate to see someone else take all the credit for my doing...

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An Angelic Encounter

This is one of my first experiences with someone other than human, or an extraordinary being in human form at least.

I was about fourteen years old and at church for a Christmas program. During the program, I noticed someone seated nearby that just had something unusual about them, some kind of special energy. I noticed this person watching me several times. I thought it was a little odd, but I wasn't worried about it. He had a kind face that radiated interest or concern and was dressed in a light blue satin baseball jacket, jeans, and solid-white Nike tennis shoes.

After the program was over, I was in another part of the church with family and friends. While we were talking, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the man again. He was at the other end of the room leaning against a corner that led to a hallway. He was watching me intently, simply staring without looking away at all.

By this time, I was thinking he must be an angel, perhaps my own guardian angel. Whoever he was, I wanted answers! I pretended to keep talking to people and took two steps backward away from the group. When I was good and clear, I took off running straight toward the man as fast as I could. When he saw this, he jumped away from the corner, turned down the hallway, and ran as fast as he could!

I was only a few yards behind him. The hallway was a blank wall on the left side, and on the right side were three doors. He went into the middle one. All right, I thought to myself, door number two it is. I caught up within seconds and stepped into the doorway. Just as I spotted him in the room, I saw him throw what looked like a whole ream of copy paper directly at me like a frisbee! The paper came flying right at my face, so I turned my head quickly and covered my face with my arms.

A second or two later when I realized the paper hadn't hit me, I lowered my arms to see a completely empty Sunday school room with sheets of paper going everywhere, drifting toward the floor like giant snowflakes. The man was not there. He had vanished.

There was only one door into the room, and I was standing in it. He had not pushed past me to get out. The only windows were little rectangle ones up high that didn't open, and I don't think a person could have fit through one anyway. I called out after him, "That's not fair!"

I walked away fairly certain my first instinct was correct. I also wondered if all angels wore white Nikes. I didn't pick up the paper either. I was just too stunned.

Posted on Reddit by NoManager187.

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