Ancient Prayers's "Longing For You (Grief and Despair)" is Intoxicating Stuff

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Opening to abstract ambiance, Ancient Prayers's "Longing for You (Grief and Despair)" ushers in a new slant on the sense of despair.

A wealth of warm air intones tones of despair, tying taut lines of lingering longing in buzzy sawtooth echoes throughout this song.

Telltale signs, thoughtless sins...

You stop where you begin. In silence, sinking deeper ...

You inter yourself within.


Ancient Prayers pushes the envelope in search of something too subtle to signal out in "Longing for You (Grief and Despair)". This song seeps deep, like emotional water through well-worn cracks in the soul. It's chaos, uncontrollable within, working its way, winding, without direction.

This tune is a story unfolding at its own pace seemingly slowing and speeding with the spread of wordless emotion. From eerie, airy tones to full-blown techno tempo, spewing fumes in a fit of energetic expression...

Field recordings find their way into this track as well. Grass underfoot, crunching soft as ancient prayers, plays synths down the spine. These yield to spacious notes, afloat on an endless sea of galvanic sound. We're surrounded.

To take a trip from serenity through tense reflection and finally, in falling, find salvation in sorrowful sound... "Longing for You (Grief and Despair)" can take you there and beyond. It's a story, a true tale told in layers of emotion. Listen, lie down and let go.

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