anatu and Zubi's "can i be honest?" Will Make Your Eyes Spring a Leak

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Strings, like a symphony deconstructed, drip nuance over nothingness in anatu and Zubi's "can i be honest?".

This song will soon make up your mood.

An apple and eyesight...

Life and lamp-light... Alive, in love...

A heaven above...

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"Just wanna say that I got feelings for you..."

Zubi and anatu impart exquisitely sweet, melancholic vibes in "can i be honest?".

Reverberating kicks catapult lyrics over raw, echoing rivine, to collide as meaning against angst. Strings stipple the soundscape, speckling low-lying synths as spoken words spread over a sonic horizon.


Love and all it entails... Zubi and anatu give you depth beyond dreams in "can i be honest?," opening curtains to the core of the soul for light to pour in.

This is a surprisingly supple song, like a heartful of intentions distilled to crystal clarity. If you're hoping for a break from a busy life, look no further and listen now.

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