Amelle Rose Soaks Us With Soul in "Rain"

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Built on blossoming sounds, soulful and sweet, Amelle Rose's "Rain" drops petals over rippling water.

Weaving the tough subject of mental health into soft tufts of billowy, bluesy music, Amelle warns of a storm but makes clouds dissipate all the same.

Too dreary to bear...

You stare into distance. You ward off the cold.

What's the aim of existence?


"Rainbows only come after cloudbursts..."

Amelle opens heart and soul to a storm, impending, in "Rain". Lapsing notes lead us in at the intro, opening to intimate folk magic brimming with warmth.

The soundscape in "Rain" is full and fleshed out, teeming with a tangle of elements, melodic. Vocals blend in chorus to a soft swell over a mellow mix. Guitars space drifting notes and chords over piano keys, combining to something deep enough to drown in.


Is the storm a moment or a memory? Is a stormy moment worth remembering? Questions are left where they lie as we head for horizon. "Rain" deals with difficulty, but its hopeful outlook is beautiful as daybreak.

This song rides a storm of the soul, but brings a breath of fresh air in tow. Don't run for cover, press play and get caught in the "Rain".

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