Amelle Rose Heats Your Ears With "Fire"

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Heavyweight rhythm beats up against bold pop poetry in Amelle Rose's new release "Fire".

If you've ever been dazed and generally lost in a post-breakup moment of numbness, this song will fit you just right.


No warmth left to share.

You're an ember, I'm the rain.

Burn out; I won't care.

amelle rose fire quote

"...I pushed you to the edge, secretly wishing you would run away."

Amelle douses a past flame's memory throughout "Fire," blotting out the old and taunting it to reignite.

Drums are an ambush in "Fire," rushing the spectrum with nigh-tribal enthusiasm. A mesh of guitar strings fish for melody, momentary, in a big drink of harmony as Amelle meets the music with ardent lyrics and poetic potency. Layered voices join hands at each chorus, chanting pyromancy over sonic flames a-flapping.

amelle rose fire cover

Amelle breaks the breakup song mold with "Fire," piling regretful relationship truths in a pyre, sky-high, and flicking matches at them. It's a mischievously upbeat track and more than mildly addictive.

For the pop enthusiast: this is your next obsession. For everyone else: you too. Button below. Just. Press. Play.

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