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It must suck to be a Botanist and Arborist and lose your immersion while watching a tv show or movie because you recognise all the birds, plants and trees are not native to the region the film or show is meant to be set in, signaling it was not filmed in the country it's set in..

On a similar note...

Keep scrolling if you think you can handle some of the weirdest bird stories and books on the net.

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Birds always flew into my sliding glass door and every time I heard that thunk I got ready to see a little bird dead from the impact.

But this time it was a squirrel.

Posted on Reddit by PurplePoisen13.

Flying, Running

- We all know what is sunburn.

Many of us have went through it.

But do you know what is moonburn? It is very much a real thing.

And it is much more painful than a sunburn - This is an entry for Inkedwings contest.


Flying, Running on Wattpad

To test out my new gun, I took aim at a large bird in the sky and shot it.

Only when I moved closer to the bird, apparently a stork, did I see the bloody bundle.

Posted on Reddit by Salsal_Azar.

[JAN]I was trolling through the dark web one night when I came across a live feed of a girl kneeling on the concrete floor of a basement.

Recognizing my best friend, my confusion turned to horror as I saw bids being placed in the live chat.

Posted on Reddit by to_42.

CAGES - Short Story

A pair of illegal hunters stumble across something supernatural in a hungry forest.

CAGES - Short Story on Wattpad

I was told that if all the birds in the forest stopped singing, that meant there was a predator nearby

But I wasnt told that it would start singing instead

Posted on Reddit by myname15MrG.

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