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Airbnb stories as strange as the ones covered here are enough to keep you on edge!

Nashville AirBnB Spirit?

So two friends of mine and I went to Nashville to watch a football game a few weeks ago. We stayed at an AirBnB we have never stayed at before, but it was a good deal and we all got our own bedroom. The first thing we noticed was a door in the middle of the hallway that was not a bedroom. It was a door to the basement.

The walkway down was as creepy as one could imagine. It looked like something out of The Conjuring with stone walls and rickety stairs. My friends thought it was a little creepy, but I got an immediate feeing of uneasiness and discomfort. The hair on my arms stood straight up as my friends decided to go down into the basement and look around.

The next thing we noticed was that the door would not close. There was no latch and no way to keep the door closed. So we decided to put a basket in front of the door to keep it shut. We went to the game and then out afterwards and got back to the house around 2:30 am. The door was closed, but the basket was pushed away from the about 5 feet.

My friends didnt think much of it in their drunken state, but this really did not sit well with me. I begrudgingly went to my room to go to sleep, making sure to lock the door behind me. I woke up around 8am the next morning, and heard the doorknob to my room slowly turning. The door being locked it wouldnt open, and I figured it was my friends trying to get me up for breakfast. Then I hear a very distinct Shhhhhh come from the other side of the door. Not thinking it was anything other than my friends, I just went back to sleep.

About an hour later, my friends got back from breakfast and I got up. I asked them why they tried to open my door this morning and were shushing people. They both looked at me confused and asked what I was talking about. They were very adamant that they did not try to open my door and they did not shush anyone. So....what do you think? Joking friends or something more sinister?

Posted on Reddit by DrLurn.

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Friend visited me while she was briefly dead

This was about two years ago while I was on vacation in North Carolina. Me and my family were on vacation visiting my sister who moved there. We were staying in an Airbnb and my moms bf at the time and my brother went to go get ice cream to bring back for us. Me and my mom stayed at the house because we were tired. Our dog was on vacation with us and she began to growl at the open door to the downstairs bedroom while my mom and I were on the couch watching TV about 1520 feet away. We both looked at the door at the same time and saw a glowing aura. The room was dark but the presence was bright, didnt light up the room but we could see it. Didnt have very much of a figure, more of a cast of light. I instantly felt a chill run down my spine and got a strange feeling in my whole body. The presence didnt feel evil and it was almost warm and comforting. I asked my mom if she saw itfelt it too. She said she saw something but blamed it on a passing car or something. This is where it gets weird.

I came home from vacation and didnt think much of it, I thought it was attached to the house or something. Two or so days after I got home I got a call from my close friend that I hadnt heard from in a few days (not super strange behavior from her as she kept to herself). she informed me that she has just gotten out of the hospital after overdosing on Ketamine. While she was in the ambulance she was pronounced dead and had to be revived. Of course, the last thing on my mind was the light I saw on vacation. I asked her when it happened and she said Last thursday night and my heart dropped into my stomach. That was the night I saw the light aura. I still wasnt 100 convinced that it was her though. I casually asked around what time it was and she said pronounced dead at 8:17 pm to be exact I wasnt sure what time I saw the light but I knew for a fact that my brother and moms bf had left around 8pm. I asked her if she remembered anything from it (i know, probably not the best question to ask someone who experienced being dead but i was in shock) and she said not really but she saw a bunch of loved ones flash before her eyes right before everything went black. I am convinced that she visited me that night. I have a mutual friend who said they felt something strange that night of her brief passing as well. She is a very spiritually connected person so this would make a lot of sense.

Posted on Reddit by butanetom.

The AirBnb house with the old lady was the perfect gateway in the remote island.

It was already too late to realise the butcher knife's dried blood was not of any animals.

Posted on Reddit by EnragedFox.

Strange Occurences at Ski Village Airbnb

I have lots of experience with the paranormal since I got into spirit work in the past 2 years but I wanted to share a particular experience that my friends were also a part of. Last weekend we booked an airbnb at a popular ski village and the neighbourhood the house is in has the word 'Historical' in the name but that could just be named so without actual meaning so. The following few things happened which are really extreme but enough that it made me wonder:

1. So the morning after the first night I go to take a shower in the ensuite and I'm super paranoid about people trying to open the door when I'm in the washroom so I lock it and then double-check it to make sure it locked properly. Even if I'm home alone I lock the washroom door simply because I hate the awkwardness of being in the washroom and then someone jiggling the door. So I lock it and then check to make sure it won't open either by turning the knob or just pulling on it. Satisfied its locked, I walk towards the shower and I just touch the glass door (don't move it) when the bathroom door swings open halfway. I rush to check if it was one of my friends that I'm sharing the bathroom with and they are both asleep. I lock it again and take my shower, thankfully the incident does not repeat itself.

2. On the second night there, we are partying on the main floor and the dining room, kitchen, and living room are all connected, open concept since it's a small apartment house. One of my friends notices that one of the dining room windows is open, which is weird because it wasn't open before when we looked around the place when we first arrived and none of us opened it since then. She goes to close it and as she's doing that, I see a woman's silhouette behind her head. I don't say anything because while I'm into spirit work, none of my friends are and I don't want to freak them out especially after the shower door incident. The next morning one of my other friends mentions she saw a woman's silhouette behind our friend closing the window but didn't say anything since we were all drunk and it could cause us to panic.

3. Now this is the one I know people will immediately dismiss, but I think it's worth mentioning. So I've been trying to achieve sleep paralysis for years simply because its an easy way to transition into a lucid dream or astral projection. However, I've only been able to do it a handful of times and that's when I haven't been smoking or drinking for a while and with mugwort tea and magnesium and melatonin supplements. Basically, it takes a lot for me to make it happen and it usually requires one of my spirit friends helping me. So both mornings at this place I woke up super early and went back to sleep. Each time resulted in me having sleep paralysis. The first time was the silhouette of a spirit standing by the foot of my bed and waving at me. The silhouette was exactly how I see some spirits who pass through my house. The second morning it happened I saw the exact same thing. I've never seen the same sleep paralysis stuff twice so it was weird and the fact that my drunk self was able to experience sleep paralysis for the first time in this state and effortlessly is what shocked me. This is probably nothing and just regular sleep paralysis, but I still wanted to mention it.

So that's what happened, nothing crazy I know, but I felt like sharing it. Immediately when I walked into the bedroom I was staying in when we first arrived I felt like there was a presence there but I dismissed it as just wishful thinking. I don't know for certain if there was a spirit in that house, but I'm inclined to think so.

Posted on Reddit by tequilavixen.

I tell all my friends back home that the Airbnb host is great but that they have a wierd laugh.

What I don't tell them is that the host turned me into the person in the story below.

Posted on Reddit by Weakcontent101.

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