Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Deep, brooding, moody music surrounds you in Amaal’s “Not What I Thought”.

Voices reach for your heart at angles in this intensely restrained banger.

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Mirror, my spectre…

Show me where I’ve left my soul.

Alone, in the cold…

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

“You lifted me higher…”

Amaal sings soft sonic tears over sweltering airwaves in “Not What I Thought”.

“It’s in my DNA. I’m from Somalia and it’s very well known to be the land of poets. A country where the language is used as a form of poetry.”

– Amaal

Footsteps clamor across shaky ground as this song saunters into earshot, dancing between clicky finger-snaps and frozen claps. Angst embodies the vocals, pleading with wavering bass dub in a passionate push and pull. Percussion splits the spectrum’s mid-section to churning motion as lush layers of sound and voice haunt the mix’s edges.


“Not What I Thought” reflects lyrically on a pretty picture turned dismal memory through reality’s razor lens. The pain of an ideal shattered to splinters by a troubling truth comes to tune in this track. It’s the sound of a relationship gone awry when you’ve no tears left to cry.

Amaal’s “Not What I Thought” definitely deserves a listen or two. Do yourself a solid and sample the sound with a button-press below.

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