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Without being at all a fan of classical music you can probably recognise as familiar the majority of the top 50 most popular pieces.

Speaking of that...

The classical albums featured here are the kind you'll be happy to hear for years to come. Go ahead and get you some...

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Classical by Louie Zong

Classical by Louie Zong song img

a bunch of classical tunes i played as a youngster, played on folk-type instruments!

Classical by Louie Zong

- Wolf Hoffmann - Classical (Full Album)

Instrumental solo album by Accepts guitarrist Wolf Hoffmann. Released in 1997.

A very interesting album with Hoffmanns particular performing of classical songs.

Wolf Hoffmann - Classical (Full Album)

0:00 Prelude

1:25 In The Hall Of the Mountain King

4:37 Habanera

9:51 Arabian Dance

15:06 The Moldau

20:00 Bolero

28:26 Blues For Elise

32:20 Aragonaise

36:40 Solveigs Song

40:30 Western Sky

44:56 Pomp And Circumstance

lxandrew saidVicent Gomar said: 'Siempre me ha gustado Accept por el toque clasico que le da Wolf a sus temas. Gran guitarrista con poco reconocimiento para estar entre los mejores del genero.'

musical roses said: 'very underrated guitarist, thanks for posting'

Wolf Hoffmann - Classical (Full Album) by

Piano Day Compilation Vol. 1 by LEITER

Piano Day Compilation Vol. 1 by LEITER song img

To celebrate Piano Day 2022, LEITER created a compilation with thirty-two exclusive piano pieces from various corners of the world - meticulously selected for our favorite holiday of the year.

Piano Day Vol. 1 reflects the piano in its diversity and allows artists from contrasting styles, ages and backgrounds to connect and celebrate the piano together.

The whole compilation will be out on Piano Day, March 29.

Piano Day Compilation Vol. 1 by LEITER

caroline by caroline

caroline by caroline song img

UK eight-piece carolines eponymous debut album often cascades with force like an avalanche, squalling and rumbling on the edge of all-out collapse. At other points they slip back into impossibly fragile moments of quiet a simple bassline or a rattle of snare the only sound amid a dark sea of silence. caroline know exactly the right balance between restraint and release. These songs are expansive and emotive pieces, their rich palette drawing on a mixture of choral singing, Midwestern emo and OMalley and Llewellyns roots in Appalachian folk.

Sometimes things sound much better when theres empty space, says Llewellyn. Sometimes you might populate [a song] with too many things and forget that an element on its own is enough. Elsewhere on the record the band have employed a collage-like technique, combining snippets of lo-fi recordings from a myriad of different locations a barn in France, the members bedrooms and living rooms, the atmospheric swimming pool in which they also filmed sublime live sessions for Dark blue and Skydiving onto the library roof with more traditional group sessions at the Total Refreshment Centre and their studio in Peckham.

The growth that began as a scrappy guitar band above a pub many years ago is still continuing. carolines astounding debut album is merely the first step.

caroline by caroline

- Mato - Classical Dub [Full Album]

01 - 00:00 - Warm Up (T. Blanchot)

02 - 00:20 - Badinerie Dub (J-S. Bach)

03 - 03:31 - Dance of the Knights Dub (S. Prokofiv)

04 - 06:58 - Also Sprach Zarathustra Dub (R. Strauss)

05 - 09:38 - Sarabande Dub (G.F. Haendel)

06 - 13:02 - Nocturne in Eb Dub (F. Chopin)

07 - 16:06 - Carmen Dub (G.Bizet)

08 - 19:14 - Symphony N3 Dub (J. Brahms)

09 - 22:55 - In the Hall Of The Mountain King Dub (E. Grieg)

10 - 26:15 - O Fortuna Dub (C. Orff)

11 - 29:37 - The Swan Lake Dub (P.I. Tchaikovsky)

Label : MATO Production

Format : Digital

Sortie : le 15 Mars 2019

Distribution : The Orchard - ODG Prod

OriginalRasBail said: 'Un grand grand bravo à Mato pour la performance !!! J'avais ete dejà ravi, epoustoufle, par l'album "Il est 5H... Kingston s'eveille" avec 3 chef dœuvres (on peut le dire, si), les reprises de Barbara, d'Aznavour et de Montand. Ici, Fortuna Dub et The Swan Lake Dub sont de vrais petits bijou et le reste est parfait. Encore bravo !'

Julien Philippe said: 'Magnifique album de classical dub, merci , ces reprises de classique m'enchantent a chaques ecoutes.

Au Top !! Me suis abonne et j'espère voir arriver un volume 2'

solo soy yo said: 'Excelente '

Mato - Classical Dub [Full Album] by

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