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Classic chillwave albums come from all over. The picks that follow are full of energy and unmistakable charm...

A.L.I.S.O.N - Space Station

Space Station by A.L.I.S.O.N song img

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- Mega Drive - XAD [Full Album]

New Retro Wave Mega Drive

The full length album is now here!!! ENJOY!


. Infiltrate :

. Acid Spit :

. NARC :

. Memory Dealer :

. Osaka Sewers :

. Exoskeleton :

. Murderlize 'em :

. Haunted (Hunted) :

. Edge of Reality :

. Video Stalker :

. The Reducer :

. Slum Lord :

. Zero Point Non-Response :

. Only One :

Mega Drive has set himself aside from so many of the retro revival artists and is set to take on the world with his new album entitled "XAD" which is OUT NOW on Subterra Records!!!

This is of the most highly anticipated albums for !

ElektrobanK said: 'I just keep coming back to this album. It's so damn good. CD Projekt RED should totally hire Mega Drive to work on the soundtrack for Cyberpunk .'

Capt. Scoops said: 'Acid Spit is my ringtone. Now when my phone rings, it scares the $#!# out of anyone in the vicinity, including myself.'

Anonymous said: 'Mega Drive is metal in synthesizer form.'

Mega Drive - XAD [Full Album] by

LÜNE - Rêve Lucide

LÜNE Rêve Lucide song img

Track , written and mixed by Lune

Track written and mixed by Lune and A.L.I.S.O.N

Mastering by A.L.I.S.O.N

Spotify : open.spotify.comalbumbBRCXSLyRthLcsz

Rêve Lucide by LÜNE

J.u.D. - S. Flower

J.u.D. S. Flower song img

Expanding on various subjects that J.u.D. had the pleasure of learning during the past year, S. Flower is a reflection of his growth as an artist and human. As much as it is dreamy and spacy in terms of feel, this EP brings a cinematic approach to the music. To accentuate his musical growth, J.u.D. worked with live instruments and singers, crafting his sound for almost a year. Resulting in his most stimulating composition to date.




S. Flower by J.u.D.

- Timecop - Night Drive [Full album]

: Static (feat. The Midnight)

: On the Run

: Back to You (feat. The Bad Dreamers)

: Cruise

: Neon Lights (feat. Josh Dally)

: Afterglow

: Too Late (feat. LeBrock)

: Skylines

: Tokyo (feat. Kinnie Lane)

: Nightfall

: It was only a Dream

Live Free or Die said: 'I can't think of a better retrowave team than Timecop and The Midnight. It's #&@$ing perfection.'

RckyMtnHkr said: 'Not sure what demographic TimeCop appeals to most, but I'm and absolutely love this. It takes me back to a time when things were simpler. Yes, there was a lot of good synth back then, but TimeCop is better in many ways. So thankful for their music!'

GordanFreeman said: 'Go for a Night Drive on the open highway with this playing and it equals to the best night you will ever have'

Timecop - Night Drive [Full album] by

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