Alex Bayly Beckons Us Off Into the "Distance"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Moody melody, spliced in dynamic slices, settles the senses in Alex Bayly's new song "Distance".

A definite departure from the confines of folk sounds well known and alternative style well established, "Distance" delights in its dynamics like a child at play.

Awaken on air.

You're dust and droplet caught in a draft.

Sweeping swift over all and sundry...

Sun-dry and weightless... Waft without a care.


"The past gets washed away..."

Pads probe the air amidst tingling key touches and sandy snares in "Distance". The track picks up its pieces along the way, changing in the smallest ways until it all swallows you up.

Buildup brings us a long way in Bayly's "Distance". Gentle tones tiptoe to and fro in a subtle march, moving with momentum towards a horizon, hushed.

Vocals prove very influential in this song's tone. Alex adds bright falsetto in edgewise, bonding soul's self-soothing and soliloquy's sombre acceptance as one.

Accept that this song is as soothing as songs can be, as pleasant as clean air and enjoyable as an hour-long shower. Once you've accepted all that, press play and go on with your day, ok?

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