AL1CE Match Our "Frequency"


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Electric tech meets pop rock and more in AL1CE's new song "Frequency."

Soft and hard... "Frequency" is a paradoxical track. It's peppy, it's big, bold and aggressive, but also undeniably soothing.

"Count the seconds one by one..."

Eyes open, mind awake... White light soaks in, pallid. Where are you?

Black light splits the white in two, three and then a million. You approach the edge.

Glass; cool, impermeable. Light swirls at your fingertips. It clears like windswept smoke as a hand, much larger, meets yours from the other side.

"...Can you hear me now?"

The Killers' "Read My Mind" is brought to mind by an electro-synth intro in "Frequency." This is far more trance-inducing at the offset though.

As the verse steps up, all fades into rhythmic pop rock momentarily.


There's a lot of 80's discharge in this track; retro touches in the guitar work remind us of the Romantics and parallels to Madonna crop up in the vocals around the 2:45 mark. Then the chorus kicks back in.

There's a moody blue hue of shoegaze in "Frequency." Guitars wail come each chorus, and vocals narrowly breach the surface. It's a rush.

Don't deny yourself a listen, as it's great stuff. Enjoy, listen and love.

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