AKIVA's "Broken Ship" Will Incite You to Riot

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Raw rock and ricochet rhythm react violently with poignant penned lyrics in AKIVA's "Broken Ship".

This track is a riot against the system and an axe-toss at oppression.

Connect all the dots

Of the government's beeline.

Think "What's yours is mine."

"Can't help but thinking that it won't get fixed..."

QOTSA parallels lash out at each chorus as AKIVA storm the status quo in "Broken Ship".

A deceptively soothing intro slips over air as "Broken Ship" opens up. Suddenly, words race and kicks clobber bass. Rhythm refracts and sparks fly as guitars grind raw riffage into white hot harmony. Each verse is a warning, unheeded. Each chorus is combat, a long time coming.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

Calling out the hands behind the curtain, AKIVA question freedom in the face of a lopsided system throughout "Broken Ship".

This song poses a strong perspective on systemic oppression and corruption, but it also just plain rocks. Jump in and jam on with the button below.

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