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Let's be frank... The airbnb stories that follow are more than a little strange. If you're easily spooked, you might want to skip a few...

I ran upstairs to check on the host of my Airbnb after I heard a shout and a loud bang come from above.

But when I entered the bathroom all I saw was plastic tarps and a large speaker facing the ground...

Posted on Reddit by engorged_phallus.

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Strange occurrences in the cottage my great-Grandfather built

During the 3rd lockdown in the UK (Jan 2021 - March 2021) I was up in Derbyshire with family. I am a student so was in my last year of 6th form then. To do online school on Zoom, my parents suggested I go to the vacant cottage that my parents usually use as an AirBnB so that I wouldnt be disturbed by the noisiness of the house (with both parents working over Zoom and my younger sibling doing online school).

This cottage was built by my great grandfather, so my family inherited it. Its been renovated and looks relatively modern on the inside, but is in quite a quiet little village and although not isolated, it can sometimes feel a little bit lonely. I would often sleep over there to finish my work and just relax rather than getting my parents to have to drive out to take me home, and every night I did so I would lock up at around 6:30pm.

However, one night it mustve just slipped my mind to lock up after finishing my homework, and I just went upstairs and took a bath. I came downstairs, watched some TV, when I realised I couldnt remember if I had locked up or not. So I went to the front door, and noticed that the keys werent on the table next to it. For context: I would always leave my keys on that table, without fail. I then checked to see if the door was locked and, of course, it wasnt. The door swung out to the darkness outside. I closed it and started to retrace my steps, not yet too concerned about its whereabouts, just thinking Id had it in my hands and put it somewhere stupid.

So Ive opened almost every drawer in this cottage, looked in the fridge, through the bins (in case Id accidentally thrown it out with something) checked all my pockets, my bag, etc. Almost every place, including absurd places just to be sure. It wasnt anywhere. I decided to go back downstairs and start all over again for the 3rd time, starting from the front door, when I saw the keys there, on the table, placed perfectly straight and neat and pointing toward me. I had checked that table twice and hadnt seen it before then. Yet there it was, perfectly in plain sight and right where I would usually leave it.

I was immediately on edge. All the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. It was so unnerving to see it reappear in the most tauntingly obvious place possible. My first reaction was to grab a large kitchen knife and call my Dad to come over, as I thought that maybe someone had crept into the cottage whilst I was bathing and was taunting me; playing mind games. He rushed over, checked over the whole house, but there was no one in the cottage except for me and him. He laughed at me for not looking properly and no amount of assurance would convince him that it had just appeared. Once I knew that it wasnt an actual knife-wielding maniac, I felt fine again, but when I came home my Mum told me that my Uncle had had a paranormal experience in there too.

My Uncle works as a builder plumber electrician and he did some renovations in the attic. He has never lied in his life, in fact, he tells the hard truth 100 of the time, even if it would be better to say nothing at all. He told my Mum that when he was in that attic in the dark, he heard an old womans voice in a low tone ask: Hello? Apparently he bolted out of there. She didnt really tell me much else.

Theres another story too. When we were younger we temporarily lived in the cottage when our house experienced some issues with the water pipes. One night our babysitter experienced a sort of sleep paralysis, where she said she saw a shadowy figure of a woman come into her room and begin to choke her. When she woke up, she had her own hands around her neck and was coughing and spluttering. I dont know how much sleep paralysis plays into the paranormal so I didnt know whether to include it here, but maybe it could be connected?

Anyway, would love to hear peoples thoughts on these events that have taken place in the cottage. As far as I know, no one who has used the AirBnB has complained of any issues.

Posted on Reddit by Careful-Panda9885.

Is my AirBnB haunted?

Has anyone travelled to a different country and had an experience? Ive had many experiences throughout my life, and the odd time in a foreign country Ill have an experience unlike anything Ive ever experienced back home, but its very rare.

Im currently in Prague, Czech Republic and I have been here since the end of October. I usually rent an apartment whenever I travel (Think airbnb, homeaway, etc) and Ive never had an issue with any apartment in the past (and this is my 5th visit to Prague). I know Prague is very rich in history, especially when it comes to ghosts, gory history, etc.

Within the first few days in my apartment, my cousin (who also has experiences back home) sent me an article about lemons. Maybe youve seen this floating around the internet? The trick is to place lemons where you have unexplained activity and if the lemons turn green and mouldy they have absorbed the negative energy (or something to that effect). I didnt pay much attention to it, but I did buy lemons for cooking with, and within 72 hours they had turned green like I had never seen before. Could be just a bad batch of lemons though...right?

Then the following week, I was waiting for the shower to heat up (one of those instantaneous water heaters which seems to be common in Europe). As I was watching the water run, a black blob of a shadow about the size of a large grapefruit or small melon came out of the shower head and fell to the floor. Picture dropping a grapefruit, it was of similar speed you would expect a grapefruit to fall, and with a similar splat ending when it hits the ground. When it landed on the shower floor, it seemed to morph or melt from its circular-like shape into liquid form and slithered down the drain. Ive never seen black blobs - has anyone else? Are those ominous?? In my experience, most black figures arent nice.

And two weeks ago. I was laying in bed reading (Im a bit if a night owl, thankful Ive found Reddit!). I looked up from my iPad and a white mist was floating over me and going out the bedroom door. Ive never seen mist before, but I have been attacked by a bubble-like entity that would hover over me when I slept and strangle me. This mist was very white, very light-moving. It didnt seem ominous at all. I rolled over to tap my husband to wake up (not that he ever sees any of this and does not like that I believe in it) and there were massive white wings flapping over his side of the bed. They were absolutely stunning and beautiful - I could see the feathers in such great detail, but I couldnt see where the wings joined each other or what they were attached to. The wings started to ascend and went up to the 12 foot ceiling and disappeared.

Between reading and surfing on my iPad, I was silently talking to my mother who passed away two years ago. We are in Prague for a type of fertility treatment that isnt offered in our home country (we have been trying for almost 6 years and have had 5 miscarriages, weve done IUI, IVF, etc). I was begging her to finally let this time be our time. I rarely receive signs from her which I find frustrating because this woman, when her dad passed away she could literally command a sign at any time and her dad would send one, so I was always upset why she wouldnt do the same for me. Was this my mom? Was this incident with the mist and wings her? We found out this week we are indeed pregnant - but the real test is whether this pregnancy sticks as the rest havent.

One thing I find most intriguing about this apartment though, is a locked room. It has a sign on it saying PRIVATE. Im nosy; I tried all of our keys and naturally they dont open this locked door. Its an old door, with an old style long skeleton key lock. During the day I can look through the keyhole into the room and there has to be a window because the room is super bright. Initially I thought the owners used it as storage (extra bedding, cleaning supplies for when cleaning between rentals, etc). But its not - its a childs room. Theres bunk beds and other furniture. This creeped me out. It looks relatively untouched and that it could be used at any time. Now Im wondering if something happened here, and the owners are renting it out because they cant part with these memories. I could totally be reading too much into it. But maybe these experiences arent related to ME and are related to the apartment.

Has anyone had experiences while pregnant? Did you find the experiences were less OR more intense? I know Im paranoid, but Ive always been very cautious and try to close down experiences when Im pregnant out of fear of harm.

Im happy these experiences werent terrifying. Its been so quiet for me the past while; I was quite shocked when things started picking up.

Thanks for listening! Any thoughts on the above experiences are always welcome :)

Posted on Reddit by _Winterlong_.

Haunted UK Airbnb

This story isn't mine but it was told to me a couple days ago by my close friend. I've had my share of paranormal experiences, but this really freaked me out so I needed to share it here. It's kind of long but bear with me, because it's crazy.

So my friend (we'll call her "A") and her boyfriend ("J") were living in Bath, England at the time and her sister, mom, and stepdad (TOTAL skeptic btw) came to visit them and got an Airbnb - they decided to stay there with them for a little stay-cation.

The first night they were there, her sister was in the bathroom one night and could hear a woman sobbing outside the door. Thinking something was wrong, she leaves the room to find that everyone is asleep - all the lights are off and no one heard the women sobbing except for her. This happens multiple times while they're staying there - only to her sister.

As I mentioned, her stepdad is total skeptic and never wants to believe that anything is paranormal. The way the house is set up, the bedrooms are on the ground floor, the kitchen and living room are directly above, and the bathroom is off the staircase landing. In the middle of the night, (late, like around 3.00-4.00 o'clock) "A" hears loud footsteps go from the living room to the kitchen. She thinks "that's weird that someone is still up". The footsteps then go from the kitchen to the bathroom and back to the living room. She thinks it has to be her stepdad bc his footsteps are the loudest. In the morning she asks him "why were you up so late last night? I heard you walking around at like 3.00 o'clock"... he says "I thought that was you."

"A" and "J" have their own bedroom; the first night, they close the door to go to bed and a few minutes later the door FLIES open. It doesn't creepily creak open, it deliberately flies open like someone is pissed about it being closed. This happens EVERY night. On the last night, when it happens, "A" almost doesn't care anymore, but "J" becomes extremely startled and tells "A" to look at the door immediately - they both see a disembodied hand holding the door knob. They BOTH saw it there - and it stayed there, as if someone was staring back, until whoever's hand it was evidently walked away.

Later, when she was telling a friend about where they stayed, she said "I know that place, was it this address?" and "A" said it was. Not only was her friend familiar with that house, but she had known someone who was a housekeeper and had worked there before - they said they would never ever go back because it was haunted AF.

This story is 100 true; "A" and "J" are the realest people I know. Her stepdad is still a bit skeptical, but is officially terrified of this house. This is my first post here so, if you made it this far thank you so much for reading!

Posted on Reddit by jayzlookalike.

The last night in an old airbnb.

My husband and I went to an event with our friends (another couple) and stayed in an airbnb apartment. It was a it cute old place above a little store in a small town. It never once felt creepy or uncomfortable the days we were there.

On the last night we went to our rooms. My husband was falling asleep while I stayed up looking at photos from the event on my phone and talking to my sisters in a group text when out of nowhere I heard a whisper from the door "Q-nicorn, come out into the hall!" it was the voice of my friend in the other room, but it wasn't her because she was asleep, her boyfriend had carried her to bed after she fell asleep on the couch. Besides, if she needed me she would have texted first or at least made sure she had my attention before just whispering a sentence and hoping I heard it.

Normally I would have gone after it, but after that I slowly got extremely freaked out almost worked into a panic attack, shaking, which I don't do.

They didn't believe me that it happened and my husband just "believes that I believe I heard something".

I guess I just had to tell the story, maybe someone will believe me. I know I heard something.

Posted on Reddit by Q-nicorn.

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