Ahns Pulls You Through an Endless "Tunnel"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Dreamy lo-fi synthwork waves and waggles over analog tones tipped with gilded vocals in Ahns's new tune "Tunnel".

This track is a musical mindspring caught in everlasting motion...

How to find it?

Look behind the curtain. Cast aside cares.

All futures are uncertain.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"I let this thing take me this far..."

Ahns blends the polarized forces of warmth and chill in "Tunnel," grasping at a nebulous third state like hands flapping in a cloud.

Spaced out sound-waves wander the spectrum as guitar notes bend about. A droning bass builds foundation for a sky of sound in free fall. A voice begins in one form before finding another while whispers wind around in circles. It's an experience, this song.


Parts like prayer and others like lost thoughts recalled from a tongue's tip take turns at intoxicating the mind in "Tunnel". An explorative take on tone-tampering, this song sounds like a dream in waking light.

It takes no special state of mind to enjoy this song. It's almost guaranteed to alter your mood of its own accord anyway. Go ahead and press play.

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