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Odd Nugget offers a safer, simpler alternative to other online advertising platforms.

We cover the current state of the advertising industry here as well as the advantages Odd Nugget can offer your business.

We also explain how you can start advertising on Odd Nugget right now below.

The state of the advertising industry

The adtech industry is changing

Times have changed and the advertising/adtech industry is not the same.

Shifting markets and the emergence of new mediums to choose from have given rise to a number of uniquely modern problems.

Here are a few of the top challenges the industry is currently facing:

Consumer Privacy

Turns out privacy actually does matter

Data hoarding practices among many contenders in the online advertising industry have incited public outrage, scandal and government retaliation.

The General Data Protection Regulation in the EU (GDPR) is just one of a growing body of regulations meant to put an end to reckless privacy invasions by adtech organizations.

In addition to data protection, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires businesses to ensure consumers can exercise their data privacy rights.


Given the growth in online privacy awareness among consumers, it stands to reason that more legal frameworks like the GDPR will follow in coming years.

This has brought about an existential crisis for ad companies too caught up in the old (and increasingly illegal) way of doing things.

Brand Safety

Biohazardous platforms are toxic to socially conscious brands

Not all advertising platforms can be trusted with your brand's reputation.

In fact, advertising on some platforms could trigger gross misunderstandings or even provoke hostility towards your organization.

As major players in the online advertising space have evolved in recent years, the safety of their platforms has been called into question.

Companies typically halt their advertising campaigns if they feel they may suffer reputational damage. For example, businesses boycotted Alphabet’s YouTube in 2017 over concerns their ads would be played alongside extremists’ videos.


Choosing safe outlets is no longer an easy task and potential pitfalls abound.

Mounting Costs

Stop spending so much money on ads

Effective ad rates are reaching higher levels across the entire industry and many business owners are reporting average CPMs (costs per thousand impressions) of more than $70.

Costs are not fixed in most ad bidding arrangements and the privacy ramifications are a little alarming.

One of the cornerstones of the Adtech industry, real time bidding attempts to connect advertisers with members of their desired target demographics as these individuals are in the midst of browsing the web or using mobile apps. Underpinning the system is a collection of personal information and browsing history that makes industry critics uncomfortable.


You've likely experienced fluctuating ad spend on common platforms already.

If so, you know all about the budget overruns that can result from imprecise bidding systems - a poor match for performance marketing efforts.

Advertising Advantages with Odd Nugget

Odd Nugget offers a dramatically simplified advertising solution to organizations around the world.

Your ads appear next to contextually relevant content, eliminating the need to track visitors directly to reach them at the right moment.

Odd Nugget's ad platform comes with a host of solid benefits, such as:


Odd Nugget shows ads without snooping or spying on people

Odd Nugget only uses a cookie when visitors log in to their accounts. That same cookie is emptied whenever they choose to log out, leaving no trace.

Server-side, Odd Nugget does not permanently track user IPs or identities.

Instead, we use impermanent tracking techniques to keep you from being charged for ads displayed repeatedly on a single page, to a single user (sadly, a common occurence on other platforms).

An impression is counted each time your ad is shown on a search result page or other site on the Google Network.

Google Ad Network

This information is never saved on disc and expires after a few minutes.

Design-level privacy makes Odd Nugget a future-proof advertising option for forward-thinking organizations.

Low Risk

Ads on Odd Nugget appear only next to content that has not been flagged as adult in nature and we constantly monitor newly indexed pages to make sure nothing nefarious slips past our algorithm.

Ads on Odd Nugget can also be deactivated/activated at the push of a button, making it that much easier to halt campaigns on a dime whenever you decide to.

Easy to Get Started

Start advertising like a boss on Odd Nugget

Creating an account is as easy as filling in the form at the bottom of the screen.

* A message is sent to your email address with a link to log you in automatically. Once you have logged in, you can create ads from the main menu in seconds.

* We review every ad to make sure it is safe before it goes live. For a list of topics we don't allow, have a look at our policy page.

* Once approved, your ads are shown to visitors on the site with views and clicks reported in real time.

* You can fund your account by clicking on the balance number "[$0.0]" in the menu and selecting the "[ADD FUNDS]" option.

* Once you've completed a payment, your account will be credited and your ads can be activated on the site.

Current Ad Rates

Odd Nugget's ad rate is currently a flat 30 CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

That's 1000 views/impressions for 30 usd.

* Impressions are only counted when ads are served to visitors we haven't identified as bots.

* You're protected from multiple charges for the same ad showing to the same visitor on the same page more than once.

* Ads can appear at the bottom of the page, within search results and embedded in posts on oddnugget.com.

Start Advertising on Odd Nugget Right Now

Set up your own account today to place ads on Odd Nugget.

The form at the bottom of the screen is all you need to get started.

create an ad on oddnugget

Funding your account is easy too. Just click a button to access the payment page hosted by Stripe.

payment steps for oddnugget

Of course, we're here to help if you have any issues or concerns.

Reach out through our contact page or the message system in your account if you need any help.

Learn a bit more about Odd Nugget.

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