AceQuared and 3-Card's "Pop Freestyle" is a Wildfire

Odd Nugget Social-done

Swift lyrics and soft synths set AceQuared and 3-Card's "Pop Freestyle" on fire.

Rap and real good feel-good vibes...

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To slay a dragon...
To banish a basilisk...

Hero and hydra. Guardian and ghoul.

It's the fearless who fight them; the fearless who rule.

"But I think that I should do whatever makes me happy..."

"Pop Freestyle" moves smooth and slick as wax in warm water. AceQuared and 3-Card carve intricate lyrics into a soft, shifting surface of sound. It's a treat.

Phasing clicks click with chimes and a kick in a cloud of bass. AceQuared and 3-Card chase each other's words in a stream of lyrical consciousness.

If a glitchy bass can course blood, if watery keys can shock synapses, if a D&B beat can build brain cells, then it's little wonder these lyrics seem so alive. They'll bring listeners to life too.

A listen is all it'll take. Just one play and you'll appreciate what these two have put together. Listen.

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