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Mashed potatoes are Irish guacamole.

However... Irish memes to rule them all follow. Check them out!

Cries in irish

Cries in irish - Ralome

by Ralome

Chuir tine I do chroi, agus seas suas mo chairde (Irish)


Dont do it Irish kids

Dont do it Irish kids - TurtlesTurnMeOn

by TurtlesTurnMeOn

Irish-American relations

Irish-American relations - mal221

by mal221

Never wrestle with pigs.

You both get dirty and the pig likes it.

George Bernard Shaw

(Made by an Irish person)

(Made by an Irish person) - hugscar

by hugscar

Billie Irish

Billie Irish - Dokayn

by Dokayn

"Doesn't take muscles to be an effective tough guy. Just takes a quick temper and a big family to back you up. And on that, the Irish, we got a massive fckin' head start." - Charlie Gully (Mike O'Malley) in Heels [S1E6-2021]


I from India

I from India  - DeadyDeadshot

by DeadyDeadshot

Last time there was a crop this bad a million irish people died

Last time there was a crop this bad a million irish people died - xoxoliver

by xoxoliver

"Laughter is brightest where food is best." Irish proverb



Perfection - Leoopro

by Leoopro

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