ABQ Invite Us to the "Edge of the Earth" With Dramatic Pop Rock Power

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Pop at full power, ploughing a path off into the unknown... ABQ's "Edge of the Earth" breaks through stone and strata in search of something more.

A drum pounding, a ground shaking, a choral chant... This song beckons us well over the edge.

The world on a string.

A string on a finger. A lingering shout.

Let echoes ring out.


"I'll take you to the edge of the Earth..."

Hard-hitting vocals and otherworldly vibes envelop us from all angles in "Edge of the Earth".

Gritty guitar chords rough up the edges of the mix as ufo sounds swish and swirl at our sides. Echoes explode under teetering keys and drums clap at the air. Drama overtakes us; we're over the edge.

Odd Nugge-hecho

"Edge of the Earth" incites us to move our minds. Imagination fills the gaps between beats with free fall followed by flight. We're alright, and light as a feather.

This track delivers an emotional sucker punch through minimal words and maximal passion. For fans of pop rock and power pop, this is your stop. But, whatever your tastes, this tune is the real deal. Listen.

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