A1 Nino Recollects in "I Remember"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Real talk and a walking beat... A1 Nino's "I Remember" shakes down memory lane with cold candor and sizzling style.

"They say that I'm this, say that I'm that..."

Open windows, icy air... You can smell the fries across the street.

Exhausted, you can taste exhaust from the highway.

Cold metal catches the gleam of the night sky in your lap. Your eyes flick down.

Your head shakes no and you throw it away. No more guns; go get your fries.

Odd Nugget So-done

"They used to hate, but they turned into fans."

A1 Nino goes into his memory banks and retrieves data on his dog days, delivering lyrical lines with an electric voice. Contrasting the struggles of yesterday with his newfound stride, he exposes the universal nature of success and perseverance.

"I Remember" carries an eerie, melancholic atmosphere over rapid-fire ranting. A1 locks into the track and speaks his mind with mindful honesty.

There are some really nice things happening with the melody in "I Remember". Some deceptively intricate guitar work twines its way around the kick, clap and snares. Quality stuff...

This is an easy track for trap fiends to feast on. You don't have to be a hip hop fanatic to feel this though. Listen and enjoy.

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