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Let's be frank... The truck driver stories that follow are more than a little strange. If you're easily spooked, you might want to skip a few...

I think I witnessed a cult ritual

So Im a truck driver and how my job works is I will drive to a halfway point and meet with another driver and we will switch loads and turn back to go home.

Well our meeting point is this parking lot in this ghost town (at least Im assuming given everything surrounding it is abandoned and no other points of interest near by for several miles.)

Ive been doing the same thing every night Monday through Friday.

And sometimes we arrive at the same time, sometimes he waits for me and sometimes I wait for him.

Well last night I arrived before him and got out to stretch my legs and smoke.

This is around 11:40 pm.

Well while I was standing there I noticed someone walking up the street, my lights are off and the parking lot is dark so theres no way to see me but thanks to lights from the highway I can see him.

I dont want to be seen by him so I toss my cigarette on the ground and get into my truck slowly making as little noise as possible.

I climb into the back of my sleeper and close the curtains but look out the window and I see an entire group of people all wearing the same tshirt walking slowly in a line but stopping for a second every third step.

Possibly 20 or so people in the line.

I call the other driver to warn him and I look through a hole in my curtain as they walk by then out the other window and see them just casually walk down the road.

Yes they where walking down the middle of the road.

I didnt get out once until the other driver showed up and we swapped and left.

This was in Louisiana about 30 miles from Hammond.

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We knew each other but had never met before

I have had some really weird things happen to me throughout my life. The only person who knows them all is my husband but I have always wanted to reach out and see what others think of my experiences and if anyone else has had similar experiences. Most belong more on the paranormal threads but I believe this one was more of a glitch. (I'll post the other stories in a different place if I'm not made fun of too badly for this one.)

This took place when I was a teenager. I believe somewhere between 16-17. My dad was a truck driver and I went with him for a couple weeks in summer. We were in Texas, I believe it was Fort Worth but I'm not positive. We pulled into a truck stop and got out together to head into the store for something. On our way in I seen a girl that I instantly recognized. She recognized me as well and we basically ran to each other. We started enthusiastically catching up like old friends. I remember just being so excited to see her again and asking her how she had been doing. My dad and her dad seemed puzzled when they reached us. Our dads did the whole small talk thing about being truckers and I really didn't pay attention to what they were saying. After a few minutes they turned to us and asked us how we knew each other. We both just paused and realized we weren't sure. My dad asked her name and I realized I had no idea what her name was. She didn't know mine either. Her dad seemed pretty freaked out by this point but nothing really rattled my dad much. My dad went on to explain that it was my first time ever being out of PA where I was born and raised. Turns out she had never been out of Texas, we were strangers. Then it was like in the moment I realized we hadn't met before, I also suddenly couldn't even remember what we had just been catching up about. I remember asking her how she was doing but nothing of her response. It was like the conversion disappeared from my memory but I was so sure we had a detailed discussion about our lives just moments before. It became awkward after that and we all parted ways. My dad told me later that he had seen plenty of strange things being a truck driver his whole adult life and I shouldn't let it bother me, but I still think about her and wonder what happened. I was so sure I knew her, so sure we had been very close, but I have no memory of her and I know I never seen her before or after that.


Wow. I was not expecting for this to become popular. Some people have been asking me to share more. I haven't found a place that will accept me telling my father's stories like requested, since they are second hand accounts, but I posted some of my own experiences here: https:www.reddit.comrParanormalcommentsrgjeh8unexplainedexperiencesthroughoutmylifewith?utmmediumandroidapputmsourceshare

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I don't want to believe

Back in 2018 I had what I can only describe as quantum immortality experience, I really huge one. Ill save that for another post. But there have been huge glitches or differences, within the world after for me an open sceptic, ok not open skeptic I couldnt i didnt want to believe in the concepts like quantum immortality glitches or the Mandela effect. They seemed like a modern day religion developing based on people who lack understanding of certain fields, suddenly having too much information because of the internet and then having social media, say youre not alone with that one topic you turned into a conspiracy about aliens demon robots taking you mars at night .But in fact its just sleep paralyses .

The deep implications of quantum immortality, was something I wanted to believe. Because that means I died left my loved one alone and theses people around me are not the people I lived loved and cherished. They were cosmic doppelgangers. So a short list of changes. My fathers and best friends childhood totally changed. Again Ill leave the details of that also to a different post. Several actors and media b listers died before but now where alive and well. So many things, but its one thing to hear tom baker from doctor who suddenly no longer dead after seeing an entire bbc program about him and seeing so many youtubers of said tv show he was in talk about it. Its another thing completely when its someone you know in person.

I was a warehouse supervisor, we are always shipping receiving, there a regular truck drivers who come almost every day, for years. A few I have known for almost twenty years. other drivers are seasonal we see them 4 months out of each year till the busy season ends then we dont see them till the following year . Well lest call him harry, not his real name of course nor will I say his company real name. Ill say its one of the top three delivery businesses in the world. Well harry was a charter I mean this guy didnt blend into a crowed. Tall skinny in his late fifties early sixties he had dark thick hair little to no gray , hairstyle even thick glasses looked straight out of the nineteen fifties. His glasses had clip on shades. He always carried a tooth pick in his hand or mouth.

He had a booming voice loud and little raspy yet he rarely talked unless he really had something to say or was around people like us he was comfortable with. So my point is there nothing average with this guy. Well his wife was ill and we didnt see him one season. We asked where harry. His wife sadly passed away. He took time off and we saw him the following season. We all were happy to see him. He had no issue telling us about what happened, Ill leave all his personal things personal. But he said he wanted to retire but count because he was left with huge bills after his wife passing.

Two more years passed he then was a no show again one season. I asked about him. I was told he also became very ill with thing that his wife had. It made sense now why he always had that damn tooth pick him and his wife where heave smokers, he gave up smoking when his wife fist started to get sick and before she became really sick.

Well two more years passed he still never returned so I asked again, I found out he died as a result of his illness , he refused the same treatment his wife received because of how bad it was for her even with him taking care of her . He at that point didnt have anyone, so decided to ride it out. After I found out this news. I told my entire company, because we all liked this guy. I was wondering about what happened to him. Several coworkers didnt believe me. So over the following days they ask his other people who worked for his same company and even his dispatcher that happened to have called for another reason all confirmed it.

Well now the glitch that made chills run down my spine and my realty shatter view of reality. 2018 I am at work during the busy season. I hear a truck back into the dock they say the company I shall not mention. I continue what I am doing what I am doing, and yell ok make him wait Ill be right there. Then I heard a voice I recognized, It took a second honestly to proses what and who I thought I heard talking across the warehouse. I stop dead in my tracks no pun intended. I slowly walked to the dock , I thought to my self . Please dont be him oh god please dont be him. Because in all my denial and refusal to believe in quantum immortality and glitches at that time. if I turned and saw him alive it would mean one three things .

One I really did die and this isnt the universe, my goddaughter that I love more than life its self. I was there when she was born , I was there when she spoke her first words. I heard her first laugh, I saw her fist steps. That special person is now in a work without me , a world they came home one day before Easter only to fine me dead in her playroom with holiday decorations in hand , that version of me died trying to surprise her with cheer.

Secondly if he was there, glitches are 100 real and we are likely not. Meaning me my loved ones and life can just be deleted rewritten, we have zero control, we are essentially puppets on a stage for some higher being to play with. I hate this concept as well.

Third if he was there, I cant trust or depend on any memory and past event as being solid or real. The past is just and changeable as the future. I also hate this because who in charge of it . Will they just delete me , because I remember the changes and see the glitches . Will I wake up, one day . to listen to my YouTube narration channels. Only to fine there is no record of anything ever called glitches in the matrix , quantum immortality or the Mandela effect .

Perhaps those crazy homeless people ranting in the streets about things that dont exist aren't crazy after all , maybe there are people who are unable to get updated with the rest of the world .

So I turn the corner facing the dock. I see harry alive and well, its 100 him no doubt, no one else is looking shocked to see him. So I slowly walk up to him and say, ahhhmm hay long time no see. He responds with a grin , yeah been a short wile . I actually feel my hands shaking. so how you been I asked . oh fine just fine you know the same old crap different day he replies .soooo , I stutter and say ,I thought something may have happened with you, like you retired or moved or something . no he replied just doing the same old crap over and over you know how it is dont you . he said ,glaring at me threw his clip on shades , he continued saying . People like us just keep going till we cant go no more but after a nap we wake up and do it all again.

I said it feels that ways dont it. I wanted just to ask or just say I thought you were dead people told us you die. But I was too disturbed to and didnt want to bring up death because of what happened with his wife. After he was given his freight, I said good bye and it was nice to see him live and in person.

Soon as he drove off a said to everyone around. Holly crap!!!! That was freaking harry. My coworkers looked at me like I had two heads say so what. I said hes supposed to be dead, remember a few years back we all found out and was talking about it. Nope none of them remembered, any of it. This wasnt a false memory. I wasnt mistaking him for another person. I even hoped it was a practical joke of some kind that Harrys coworkers played on him to be cruel.

Something that wouldnt go unpunished at a company like his if it was found out .but if that was the case my coworkers would remember it. They do not .

I will say this. I am still employed at the same place around the same coworkers. I have not seen harry again since. I dont want to know honestly where I am anymore in the multiverse because since I have had several possible shifts one very recently after a close call that I cant explain how I didnt a scratch .

The only differences I noticed minor. So I can just push them into the misremembering file to keep sane . My goddaughter is still my little buddy even more so now because I have adapted a new outlook on life . We are all connected to our other selves in the multiverse if thats the case. if this is a simulation we are copies of the same code . I am who I am my loved ones are who they are. My love for them will not change no matter where I am. I love you little buddy no matter where you are. I love every version of you that may exist, even if there an evil version of you with a goatee.

Just an end note, I held off posting this because, I get a weird feeling like I am being watched like something is different about this one. My coworkers are acting oddly. Its creeping me out I just caught a coworker. Behind me he snuck up behind me or just appeared. I think he took a picture of the computer screen and what i was typing. Why would he do that this time? When I am always typing on here every day without him even caring. I am afraid this time I hope this gets posted .I feel like something is different with this one.

This was just part of a bigger quantum immortality event. I have had so many glitches directly because of this . Glitches as in noticeable differences between the world before and the world after. I will be happy to do a longer list and answer your questions the best I can I post a link when it is finished.[I digitally created a close likeness of HARRY the reaper one is just because ](https:www.reddit.comrTheTitanTheogonycommentsrhi3pwidigitallymadeanimmageofharrynot100but?utmmediumandroidapputmsourceshare)

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St. Christopher medal that was my grandfather's

I wear a St. Christopher medal that was my grandfather's. St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers. My grandfather was a sailor in WWII and then a truck driver in civilian life. I am a wanderer, lived abroad in many places and traveled extensively. I don't have anything else that belonged to him, and this medal has always felt like a very meaningful connection. I never take it off.

The other day I was walking into the house and the medal just fell to the floor. I picked it up. It seemed fine, so I assumed that the chain must have broken. But it hadn't, the chain was whole. I checked the chain and the medal again and again but they were both intact. I have no explanation for how the medal came off of the chain. It just doesn't make any sense.

I told my mom what happened and she said I should think about what grandpa is trying to tell me. Is this something others have experienced?

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Kid on a bike vanished

I picked up my kids from school a little while ago and was stuck in traffic on the way home. There was a guy driving a pick up truck style thing in front of me (he was really impatient, bibbed a couple of times, aggressive acceleration).

The traffic eased a bit so started moving - as we were approaching a zebra crossing a kid on a bike came from behind us on the pavement and went straight over the zebra crossing in front of the truck without waiting to make sure the truck would stop - causing me to swear really loud in front of the kids as this truck was accelerating and I thought he was going to hit him!

The guy in front slammed on his breaks and when the kid on the bike didnt appear from the other side of the truck, I thought the worst. but then the truck driver pulled away again a few seconds later. there was no kid on a bike anywhere no other road turnings, we were on a bit of a hill so I could see further down the road I know the entire area very well and there is nowhere else this kid could have gone. Ive never had an experience like that and it really freaked me out. It wasnt a shadow or anything, it was getting a bit darker but I saw the bike was red.

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