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Vegans eat produce from farms that kill insects..

At any rate...

Only the weirdest farm stories made it into the lineup featured in this article. Brave them if you dare!

The Farmer and the Scarecrow

When a Halloween prank goes terribly wrong for a group of small-town high schoolers, an ancient urban legend comes back to haunt them one year later...

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I am being watched I am desperate to know by what

My grandfather has always been a superstitious man. He was born out west, in upper Arizona off of any city limits, not far from Antelope Canyon. When he was in his teens, his family moved to Southern, rural Virginia to go live and help out with the family farm. The farm has been in our family for generations, since my ancestors came to America. They were promised a great sum of land if they were to help in battle. With this sum of land, they became one of the founding families for Blacksburg, VA a small city in one of Southern Virginias mountainous valleys. Though the majority of the original land has been sold to the city of Blacksburg, the farm is still sits on the side of a mountain in a great forest roughly ten miles off of city limits.

Growing up, my grandfather had told me many stories about his time in the woods as a young boy. He would tell me of humanlike creatures that moved on all fours, but the second you noticed it was there, it would stand up and walk on its hind legs as if it had been doing that the whole time. He told me stories of graveyards that appeared during the day, but vanished at night. He also told me of creatures coming up to the house and peering in windows, watching behind trees. He would explain cattle being slain at random times of the year with no explanation. There are no bears there, and there was no way coyotes could tear apart cows in that manner. Hed tell me of hearing voices. Voices of his wife, his son, his mother coming from the woods when he was working with cattle. Although there was never anybody there. My father tells me my grandfather knows more than what he is telling, but it scares him to talk about. He could never tell us what exactly the creatures were. Just that they were there and to never go in the woods alone. He told me he had been stalked by creatures that came in different forms his whole life.

I believed all of this to be an old mans tale until recently. I am 18 now, and a female. I live with my parents in midwestern North Carolina. However, I am moving to the rural North Carolina Appalachian mountains now. I am not a religious person, but I do believe in the paranormal. I consider myself to be a spiritual person. I am interested in differing energy, bonding with animals, crystals manifestation. Through my spiritual journey, I have only dealt with good energy. Up until recently.

Last month, I was sitting in the car with a few of my friends. I had come home from college to hang out with my hometown friends. It was about 11pm, and we were sitting in a parking lot along the woods with the car completely off, just talking. We all went silent for a bit. Suddenly, I became overwhelmed by a sense of heaviness. I was uneasy. I scanned the treeline, and thats when I saw them. Two animals, they looked like dogs. They were both standing very still looking at us. I asked my friends if they saw them too. Nobody else could see them. After ten minutes of trying to point them out, I gave up. But the dogs kept watching.

Other things like this have occurred too. One time, I was riding in the car down a desolate, wooded road at night with one of my guy friends. All of a sudden, I saw a person in the headlights walking across the road. As if it couldnt see us coming down. I yelled for my friend to watch out, but he told me nobody was there. I looked around, and there was nobody there. I couldve sworn I watched someone walk across the road.

I once was up late, and making a snack to watch Netflix as many people my age do. I always close the blinds at night because what goes on at night outside scares me. We live in a quaint neighborhood surrounded by miles of forest. I always make sure to close the blinds and lock the doors. This particular night, my parents had warned me to make sure all of the doors were locked, as people had been knocking on our door in the middle of the night. When my parents would check it, nobody would be there. While I was closing the blinds on this night, I saw something. Two deer. They were staring at me from across the street into my house. I could see their eyes twinkling from the light of the houses. With a pit in my stomach, I shut the blinds. I knew I was being watched at this point.

I have started wearing an amethyst necklace to bring protection. I wondered if my manifestations had brought about a negative energy, but I had never been manifesting negative things or stripping people away from their freewill. Mostly, Id been manifesting that Id be able to transfer out of my current school, and be able to go to a school in the North Carolina mountains. This came true, and Thursday I will move to my new school. Because it is heavily wooded, rural mountainous, I fear I will have more encounters. I am worried that whatever tormented and followed my grandfather for so long is now following me. I am not sure what to do and how to protect myself from it. I am not sure how others arent able to see the things Ive been seeing. Please, if you have any advice, help me out.

Posted on Reddit by soggycupcake97.

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Smell of deathfarm manure drifted by the window last night followed by a weird reflectionshape.

Starting this off with sorry for the horrible grammarspelling, and a thank you for taking the time to read and maybe even help me.

Location: Just south of Kansas City, Kansas

My mother-in-law(MIL) is very convinced something evil was around at the same time (chillscold feelingsgeneral "you're the prey" like feeling) and this comes on top of other strange occurrences around the house the last 2 years or so. I usually stay up late playing games and surfing the web in the PC room with a window open and box fan in it, but i get these really "danger" vibes a few times a month and immediately run over to the window and remove the fan and shut it while keeping the fan on my knee between the window. I have been in a pretty bad state medically and been asking for anyone including god or satan, demons and angels and all the like to come either take me or give me power in place of my servitude so I can feel better...i was for the longest time skeptical to a lot of things and saw these "cries of frustration" as a deaf plea of someone who is sick of being sick, but since I started really going downhill and pleading with something anything to help alleviate my situation(almost nightly) I have started to feel watched heavily at night.

So here is a little setup for how things wentgo..

Last night I woke up around 12:30am(around the same time my MIL said she smelled deathfarm manure outside her window like something baddead had walked past) from an early bed and went for a bowl of cereal and some gaming. We a have huge kitchendining room window with a ledge that covers almost the entire room with no light outside shining in so I use my phone light to maneuver through the house at night. When I turned around with my cereal in hand and my light I saw something very black and human shaped in the window that made me jump and freeze for a good 15 seconds in place until I started thinking it was my reflection from the phone light in the window.....but when trying to rationalize it I couldn't repeat the reflection....i tried turning the same way from the same spot with my phone and light held at the same angle. I tried other angles, and jumping back and forth but just got a little more freaked out because I couldn't repeat the "reflection." So I go back to the gaming room and get this absolute "something or someone bad is watching you, you need to close the #$@$ing window NOW" vibe and I go to close the window, but noticed the neighbors huge old chicken coop has what looked like someone standing in the doorway(it's pitchblack but I could see something "darker" in the blackness of the door.) Our neighbors had 10 or so chickens in that coop but about 2 months back they were all just gone one day no sign and the neighbor has no clue what happened to them and found no feathers or sign of a struggle.

We also hear this "ziptie" being pulled tight noise that sounds just over your shoulder or at your feet below a tabledesk and sometimes under the bed, but happens to everyone in the family and in all rooms(no alarmsdetectors we own make a noise remotely like that) and it's usually followed by a GTFO of this room feeling where you feel like a tiny mouse being stalked by a tiger.

I was curious as to what this could possibly be or if I am 100 just freaking myself out. I don't take any meds that cause hallucinations, and have not recently started or stopped taking any new meds in the last 12 months.

P.S. I am not trying to find a way to "cleansestopcure" the situation I just want to know what I may be dealing with as the elationfear makes me feel more alive for a few minutes everytime I feel "stalked" than I have felt in years. I want it to not only continue but I want to know what is there and how I can help it or it can help me.

We are in a small town south of Kansas City Kansas side and I am unfamiliar what may lurk in the woods of eastern Kansas.

EDIT: I forgot to add that when I do sleep I usually wake up feeling like my arms and legs will barely hold me and are completely numb for the most part for a few minutes until I shake them violently to return feelingbloodflow(think when your foot falls asleep). This may have nothing to do with the situation, but it's been an ongoing issue that started around the same time of my begging, pleading, playing with my oujia board alone, using charlie charlie pencils, trying to summon something...anything.

Posted on Reddit by baracuda2004.

mind over matter

all that space.

the trees, reaching out to touch the sky.

time seemed to slow down out here, fall into placid rhythms as the creek had beside her.

it was dark but she could almost make out the rugged face in the trees.

he was there in her mind, so clear, and she reached out to touch him, but it disappeared as soon as she started to believe it with her own eyes.

the dreams of him started that night.

mind over matter on Wattpad

Old McDonald had a farm, E, I, E I, know.

And on that farm were the missing women and opiates, E and I only know.

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I walked passed a beggar who held out his hands saying, Please sir. Im so hungry.

I knew then I was never getting out of this corn maze.

Posted on Reddit by Charlieworkgiraffe.

The Peacekeeper

Sixteen year old witch Chloe Brooks has been living with her best friend Shelby Rachel for the past three years after a mysterious new leader Balhim of the supernatural realm took over.

Chloe and Shelby were sent to be the guardians of the gates to Aaru and had a sworn duty to keep the peace between worlds.

That all changed a year ago, Shelby Rachel had been brutally beaten, and hung for treason in association with working in witchcraft.

This outraged millions in the realm of Aaru and soon the news spread to their leader Balhim.

Balhim took matters into his own hands, bringing forth a plan that only he could control.

Death to all mortals.

Now Chloe has a revolution on her hands, one only she could stop.

With the mortal humans hot on her tail, Chloe has no choice but to go on the run.

Her mission; kill Balhim.

She's the last guardian of the gates; the last white witch; the last...


Copyright 2011 by Christina Zugno All Rights Reserved

The Peacekeeper on Wattpad

I don't think I'm cut out for working on my uncle's cattle farm.

The animals all have names, they know their birthdays, and they all keep trying to get me to secretly pass with letters to someone named S.O.S outside of farm.

Posted on Reddit by Salsal_Azar.

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