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In Japan's Aomori Prefecture, a curious creature of unknown origins and legendary creepiness was encountered for the first time.

Known as an "Akateko" ghost, this bizarre apparition takes the form of a child's hand, disembodied and suspended from the branches of a tree. Ah yes, and it is blood red to boot.

Along with folkloric creatures, yokai can refer to things like strange weather, mysterious illnesses, optical illusions, weird fruit, etc … And yokai is not limited to Japan. In his Yokai Encyclopedias, comic artist/folklorist/genius Mizuki Shigeru covers things like the Moai statues on Easter Island, or bigfoot and the yeti, or vampires and ghouls, or rains of frogs. Yokai is a broad, sweeping term that can cover pretty much everything weird on Earth.

- Zack Davisson, What Does Yokai Mean in English?

Even the presence of Aomori Prefecture's "Big Buddha" - the largest seated Buddha statue in Japan - couldn't keep this creepy hand from appearing. Thankfully, apart from light mischievous pranks played on passersby, the hand is harmless.

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Creepier still is the strange girl said to sometimes be seen with it. Her presence can apparently bring about fever in all who see her. Hopefully, the Akateko can give a sick stranger a hand.

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