A-Mase and Polina Makarova Move "Morning" to a Groove Without Warning

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Nightcore vocals wash over deep, buzzy bass groove in A-Mase and Polina Makarova's "Morning".

A total mood, "Morning" plants beats within bass for a place-shaking jam.

Blend up light and shadow.

Shade dawn and deepen dusk. Closer, in twilight...

They lightly touch.

Odd Nugget Social2-hecho

"I just want to touch you once again..."

This track is immersive as can be and legitimately gorgeous.

Words chime and chitter like airborne crickets as wind whips across the soundscape in this spellbinding tune. Buoyant bass signals surface then settle in ripples around a steady kick and moist droplets disperse about the edges of the mix.


Morning musing... A longing unrequited, a love unsatisfied... "Morning" moves such emotions and more through misty sound and moody groove. Emotions run high as the spectrum hums low, leading us to a sonic horizon neither dawn nor dusk.

Don't wait for "Morning". If you're up for some stunning deep house ear nutrition, have a listen now.

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