A Fragile Tomorrow Bend Reality in "Generation Loss"

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Scruffy, scratchy indie rock with a dash of psychedelic sweetener... A Fragile Tomorrow's "Generation Loss" comes in strong, but goes down nice and easy.

A Fragile Tomorrow flirt with sounds reminiscent of Radiohead in this tune, but benefit from more straight-ahead alt. rock exploration.

Trapped in traffic, you're a digit.

A statistic... Your odds are numbers, crunching.

Inundated in the noise of it, you're optimistic.

Your turn is up next. You take it.

"What's all the fuss?"

If one were tasked with placing "Generation Loss" among genres, it'd be a close call assigning it somewhere between psych and industrial-rock.

There's a certain machine-like sound to this track; likely thanks to the nearly hypnotic whirring and reeling bits. If industrial psychedelia is actually a thing, then this is most definitely it.

If you take panned guitar churn and stitch in vaguely robotic talkbox mumbling, offset by crystal clear vocals overhead and a bumpy bass line, then drop a bit of stream-of-consciousness soloing in for good measure, you're likely to end up with "Generation Loss".


Each element in this song's mix mingles mellifluously with the rest. This is surprising, given the dual nature of the song's resultant sound - hectic and harmonized, chaotic and calm... It's kind of crazy how great it is.

For a rockin' good time, this song seems sufficient. For a master production in alternative rock, this song is shockingly sweet. Treat yourself to a listen.

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